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Nov 21, 2015
Eligible AT&T customers with capable devices can now use Advanced Messaging and Video Call.  These new services are part of our Rich Communication Services (RCS) platform, which also includes Voice over LTE (VoLTE), HD Voice, Wi-Fi Calling and NumberSync. 
With these features, AT&T is leading the way to provide their customers

the most complete suite of smart network services.  Innovations like this can change the way you stay in touch and get business done.

Advanced Messaging lets you send larger files (up to 10 MB) by text.  You know when your message is delivered, when it’s read and when the other person is typing their reply.  To use this service, you and the person you’re messaging must be AT&T postpaid wireless customers with capable devices and within AT&T’s coverage area.
Currently, this service is available on the Samsung Galaxy S 5 mini and Samsung Galaxy S 6 Active. With Advanced Messaging, your wireless rate plan’s SMS and MMS rates apply but each text or file is counted and billed separately.  Both Advanced Messaging and Video Call will be available via a software update.  You’ll receive a notification to download the update on your device.
We’re also launching AT&T Video Call.  It lets you make and receive HD Voice calls combined with real-time video. There is no app to download, no separate account to configure, and no username to create.

To use Video Call, you and the person you’re calling will need to be AT&T postpaid wireless customers in an AT&T HD Voice coverage area and have a Video Call-capable device.  To start, we’re launching Video Call on the Samsung Galaxy S 6 Active and will be expanding to other devices soon.
You can easily switch between an HD Voice call and a Video Call from the call screen – and even add another person to the video call.
Video Calls use both voice and data, which is billed separately under your existing wireless rate plan.  To start a Video Call, you need to be connected to the AT&T mobile network in an AT&T HD Voice coverage area.
The heart of AT&T is all about closing distances, making it easier to communicate – whether you’re near or far apart.  Video Call is a simple concept that can make a big difference in the quality of your communications, no matter if you use it to keep up with your family in another state or work with colleagues on a project.  Advanced Messaging gives you that “real-time” feedback and confirmation that your message was read or received and lets you know the other person is writing back.
For more information on these services visit http://www.att.com/advancedmessaging and http://www.att.com/videocall.
1 Advanced Messaging Charges:  Your wireless rate plan’s SMS/MMS rates apply.  Each text/file attachment counts and is charged as a separate SMS/MMS. This may impact Capped Messaging plans or Pay-Per-Use customers. Incompatible Services/Features:  Advanced Messaging requires an account that is set up for HD Voice.  HD Voice is incompatible with AT&T Smart Limits, Office Direct & OfficeReach.  Visit att.com/hdvoice for more information.  Advanced Messaging also will not work if messaging or data has been blocked on your line.  Device selection is limited at this time. For additional Advanced Messaging details, see http://www.att.com/advancedmessaging.
 2AT&T Video Call:  Not available in all areas. Usage and Charges: Each Video Call uses both voice and data (unless on Wi-Fi).  The voice portion counts towards voice minutes and video portion counts as data usage under your existing wireless rate plan.  Requirements:  Device selection is limited at this time. Unless disabled, Video Call capability is displayed to other AT&T Video Call-capable customers.  Wi-Fi:  Once started or received on the mobile network, Video Calls automatically switch to Wi-Fi if your device accesses an available Wi-Fi Internet connection.  An AT&T wireless network connection is still required even while on Wi-Fi. Voice and data charges do not apply to Video Call over Wi-Fi.   If you move in or out of Wi-Fi coverage while using Video Call, your call will disconnect unless you have AT&T HD Voice coverage.  Incompatible Services and Features:  AT&T Video Call requires an account that is set up for HD Voice.  HD Voice is incompatible with AT&T Smart Limits, Office Direct and OfficeReach.  Visit att.com/hdvoice for more information.  For more details on AT&T Video Call, see http://www.att.com/videocall,