• Thu. Jul 29th, 2021

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The World’s Only AA battery-powered emergency mobile phone
You hope you never need to use it. But, if you do, you can have confidence. AT&T is introducing the world’s only AA battery-powered emergency mobile phone: the SpareOne™ Emergency Phone.
No electricity? No charger? No problem. With the SpareOne™ Emergency Phone, you can stay connected in almost any situation.* You’ll be comforted knowing there’s a flashlight, glow in the dark keypad, a panic siren and a SOS signal built into your phone.

With the Locate & Alert service** included with the plan, you can alert up to nine people you want to notify in an emergency. They’ll receive a call, email or text message with your location.
All you have to do is touch the phone’s emergency Alert Button. You can also set-up the phone to dial key contacts automatically with speed dial for up to 9 numbers.
Starting Nov. 6, the SpareOne™ Emergency Phone will be available through AT&T Stores and online.
This could be a great holiday gift for outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, or grandparents. It’s also a great addition for the family home or vehicle emergency kit.
The SpareOne Emergency Phone is available for $59.99, with an annual service plan of $25 including 120 talk minutes and SpareOne’s Locate and Alert service.
*Must be in an AT&T coverage area to make or receive calls. Device not capable of receiving text messages. Not all features work in all areas. GoPhone Annual Plan: You will need to fund your account within 26 days after you have activated service to begin using the device. As permitted by law, the applicable rate plan charge for each renewal period will automatically be deducted from your account balance at the beginning of the day (midnight Central Time) on your rate plan renewal date which is 365 days from the date service began. Minutes are intended for domestic use only. An additional allotment of minutes is available for an additional cost and are good for 30 days.
**Locate and Alert Service: SpareOne Locate and Alert Service provided by Monitorlinc. SpareOne Service is subject to separate terms and conditions.  Online registration req’d.  Device must be powered on and location services enabled for locate feature. Location results may not be accurate or reliable at the time required. Cannot be used outside of the U.S. For terms, registration, and additional details, visit myspareone.com.