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7 Tips to Develop Your Leadership Skills

ByJoe Conspiracy Theorist

Nov 29, 2018

Dr. Alok Trivedi Offers Ideas to Enhance Leadership Skills

By Dr. Alok Trivedi
Whether you’re trying to climb the proverbial career ladder or digging your feet in as an entrepreneur with big visions, solid leadership skills are a must. The tactics of great leaders can be overwhelming for many to embody, but with hard work and determination, it is more than possible. The jump from employee to employer is a big one, but a strong foundation of leadership skills can further the success of you and your company. The following seven tips are to help you develop your leadership skills when moving up in the business world:

  1. Seek perfect alignment.

As a leader, possess an authenticity that encourages others you are worthy of following. Align yourself with your business beliefs. Your employees will see your enthusiasm and buy in to what you want from the company. Do not lead based on expectations from others. This can be risky because you will always be receiving feedback from outside opinions. Take in constructive criticism, but follow your gut. A great leader does what is best for the whole of the team. Alignment of goals and desires enables a great leader to stay steady on the path to success.

  1. 2. Don’t make fear-based decisions.

Understand why you want to make certain decisions. Find the root of your desire and become aware of a path to achieve it. If you have good reasons for making a decision there should be no fear. Fear stems from confusion or misunderstanding of your true purpose. Many leaders make fear-based decisions out of haste and a failure to plan ahead appropriately. Don’t fear failure as it is a means to learning lessons along your journey. Consider and explore all options before selecting the best decision for your team and business.

  1. 3. Align values with the company’s goals.

The best business leaders are those who live the words of their professional vision. You must set a standard that is reflected in your leadership behavior. Hire individuals that are a reflection of the company’s values. Create a company culture around the foundational ideas and mission of the business. The mission needs to be rooted in the values of the company. If leaders believe and reflect an authentic message, the employees and customers will too.

  1. 4. Expect and embrace failure.

Life’s challenges are unavoidable and leaders are always ready to face them head-on. Regardless of the outcome, a great leader knows failure will occur, but they don’t view failure as a loss. As someone seeking a stronger leadership role, you need to welcome failure as an opportunity for growth. Overcoming life’s obstacles allows you to blossom both personally and professionally. Continue to seek opportunities for new situations because these bring you lessons to learn.

  1. Focus on the vision more than in the doing.

Root your business in efficient and concise plans. The vision and mission behind the plans carry the message for the product. Set goals both big and small to achieve your necessary outcomes. Action should be taken only after careful consideration and a well thought out planning stage. Find your inspiration in the early phases and coalesce it with your vision. This helps your employees understand the inspiration at the root of the company’s mission. 

  1. Balance both logic and emotion. 

Seed inspiration through emotions. Conversely, utilize a more logical method of thought for operations in the company. A great leader knows when to use emotion versus when to use logic. These two work as a yin and yang of one another. A balance of both is needed for success. Develop an emotional intelligence to distinguish various situations from one another. A strong balance of emotional and logical paradigms creates a savvy business mind and leader.

  1. Don’t motivate, inspire.

Motivation creates a pressure on an individual because it leads employees to think they need to perform. In a complementary fashion, inspiration activates employees to improve their performance. No-one can make an employee work harder except themselves. It is your responsibility to bring in the inspiration for them to feed off. Stimulate their minds by creating a sincere and resonate connection to your employees as people rather than workers.
You are stepping up into a bigger role in business, and leadership is no easy task. Create a concrete vision and articulate it with sincerity. Get into alignment with yourself and merge the values of yourself, the business and your employees for ultimate success.
Dr. Alok Trivedi is a psychological performance expert, author of the book Chasing Success, and the founder of The Aligned Performance Institute. http://alignedperformanceinstitute.com/