• Wed. Sep 22nd, 2021

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President Donald Trump

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Real US President Trump: Everything Woke Turns to Shit

I never heard President Donald Trump use profanity before, but last night at the rally in Alabama, he said “Everything woke turns to shit”. Love his honesty and frankness. It’s…

Video Clip: US President Donald Trump West Point Commencement Address

United States President Donald Trump has stated on multiple occasions that his commencement address at West Point was the best speech he has ever given. He repeated this last night…

Big Tech Continuing to Censor Americans, Boycott Facebook, Twitter and Amazon

Ok y’all our great Republic of the USA is under major attack by the left, MSM (main stream media) and Big Tech, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Apple and now…

The State of the Union? Uncompetitive

Tonight’s State of The Union Speech a Great Opportunity for President Donald Trump By Robert D. Atkinson In the decades following World War II, the U.S. economy was by almost…