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Words You Are No Longer Free to Say: STOP THE STEAL

Apparently the wanna be Gods at Facebook have determined that it is not safe for anyone to say (or write) the phrase “Stop the Steal”. Stop the Steal. Stop the…

Big Tech Continuing to Censor Americans, Boycott Facebook, Twitter and Amazon

Ok y’all our great Republic of the USA is under major attack by the left, MSM (main stream media) and Big Tech, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Apple and now…

Big Tech Censors Americans: Time to End Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google

It’s a very sad time in America when it’s citizens are being censored about what they can believe and say. Freedom of speech is supposed to be one of our…

Censorship in America: Why is Social Media Censoring American Patriots?

Whether you love him or hate him, US President Donald J. Trump loves America. Trump’s Administration had led our country to the best economy ever, with lowest unemployment rates in…