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Our Great Awakening

Exposing the Scams of the Global Elite #WWG1WGAWW

Juan O'Savin boots

There are many well-meaning and truth-seeking American Patriots who can recognize what has been happening around the world and here in the United States just doesn’t smell right. Many, many people understand that the 2020 election was rigged and stolen by American traitors, compromised main stream media, egotistical ‘big tech’ and globalist foreign forces. A simple search of a good search engine like Duck Duck Go (do not use the censoring Google) will show that there are many American Patriots and other freedom seekers around the world who are making videos and writing blogs to seek the truth and inform other truth seekers about what is really going on.

One of these Patriots who does not seem to have his own platform (yet) but is developing one at 107daily.com is someone going by the name of “Juan O’Savin” aka 107. Juan O’Savin is one of the most popular guests on many, many of the more popular shows of other American Patriots. Juan is a guy who seems very smart, educated and knows his history and the workings of the American government and the ever-important military. He is also a very good story teller and speaker. He makes an excellent guest for these shows and brings up a lot of very interesting information about just what is going on in the US and around the world.

Kid By the Side of the Road by Juan OSavin

Juan O’Savin is also an author who has written a book entitled “Kid By the Side of the Road” which has a lot of great history and background on our government and how the American people have been controlled throughout history. I bought a pdf copy of the book, and have found it very interesting, but found it very difficult to read because of the format and the background images on the pages.

Some of the show hosts who have Juan O’Savin on their shows have met Juan in person, but there seems to be a complete absence of any photos of him anywhere on the interwebs. In many of the videos that Juan O’Savin “appears” in, his feet in cowboy boots are the only part of him to be shown. Former heavyweight boxer David “Nino” Rodriguez, says he has met Juan, he is a super nice guy and that he may be a bit pudgy or overweight. From listening to some of the broadcasts with Juan, he is apparently into fast cars and Nascar.

Is this Juan O’Savin, aka W, aka Wayne Willot?

There are also detractors who are not fans of Juan O’Savin, say he is a fraud, full of crap and Juan O’Savin is actually a private investigator from Gig Harbor Washington named Wayne R. Willot.

While Juan may or may not be Wayne Willot, it is my hope that he is “real” and speaking truth. He does come across as a Christian, frequently telling listeners to pray and pray hard – especially when they get worried about potential outcomes of all the crazy shit that has been happening lately. I believe that Juan O’Savin does love our Country, is obviously a supporter of our military and of US President Trump who has done so much good for the US and people around the world (just remember that his Administration is the ONLY group to really take huge steps toward peace in the Middle East and energy independence for America).

I would find it very hard to believe that Juan would be spending so much of his time promoting his truth if he was just trying to sell some books … But anything is possible.

What do YOU think? Is Juan O’Savin a real guy, with real insider intelligence information – or is he something else? Have you read his book, Kid By The Side of the Road? Please comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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5 months ago

If he won’t id himself, he has no biz pretending to be a patriot and spouting off. There is too much fake news all around. Leftists believe the lies of fake news talking heads. You are no different if you buy a bill of goods you likewith no named sources or verified facts. The real problem in America is a nation of immoral uneducated children pretending to be adults.

4 months ago

Juan explained the name “Juan O Savin” in a recent interview. The person interviewing him asked if he was Q or JFK Jr, and he denied both and proceeded to explain his name. At some point in his life he was required to use a different name and this was the name. He said this is the name that he has been going by for a long time and it’s what the people who he knows and does business with know him by and it’s just the name he has gone by for a long time. I forget some of the details but I can tell you that the man is legitimate, regardless of his name. I am pretty good at discerning things and I am pretty sure that he is real and speaks the truth. I have listened to some of the stories that he has told about different business experiences and they all come from his own experience from what I can tell. Everything I have heard him say is legitimate from what I can tell. The man is educated and also knows the Bible pretty well. I have no reason to disbelieve him.


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