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Our Great Awakening

Exposing the Scams of the Global Elite #WWG1WGAWW

Things Are Looking Up – We The People Are Waking Up

ByJoe Conspiracy Theorist

May 17, 2021
The Great Awakening - JoeKennedy.biz

It’s such a GREAT time to be alive. We’ve all lived through some of the craziest of times – but We The People are waking up!

We are tired of being lied to – by the media, by ‘big tech’ and our ‘elected’ governmental representatives. We are slowly waking up to the many, many lies that we’ve been told. We are tired of being censored and being told to shut up.

So many truths are being revealed. “Conspiracy theories” are being proven, corrupt people and organizations are being exposed. Very soon those conspiring against US citizens and humanity will be called to task and forced to pay for their crimes.

Election fraud is being proven all around the US and the world. Watch the forensic audits carefully to see how widespread this issue is. We will no longer sit back and let phony ‘politicians’ be selected for us and make the rules they want us to follow – many of the same rules they flaunt. So many corrupt and compromised people involved in stealing our elections – they need to be brought to justice – and soon!

The phony plandemic is being exposed and cancelled. Phony Tony Fauci is being cancelled. Bill Gates is in trouble – and it’s just the start for him and his family.

So many things are becoming clearer! The truth shall be revealed!

What is most on your radar?


BTW – if you are looking for real, truthful information and tired of the lies from media, big tech and government – do your own research. You can find links to some very good channels here.

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Randolf lee Phillips
Randolf lee Phillips
3 months ago

I truly believe in donald trumps policies and his agendas. He is our americas true president. You are correct about this whole thing. Biden could not even say the name of our heavenly father . God is not in his vocabulary. Trump put god in everyday life. Yesterdays national prayer day. What a joke biden. You will never be americas president period. I miss trump. I agree with what you are saying in this article.

3 months ago

I absolutely 💯 agree with your article.. Best read I’ve had in long while..


[…] Things Are Looking Up – We The People Are Waking Up […]