• Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Our Great Awakening

Exposing the Scams of the Global Elite #WWG1WGAWW

Clinton Crime Family Child Sex Trafficking

This is an incredible video clip. EVERYONE should see it. It seems that both Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton have been involved in even more creepy stuff than most people know.

This video clip is of Cathy O’Brien who was part of the US Government’s CIA (Clowns in America) top secret mind control program called MK-Ultra. She has since written a number of books, including TRANCE – Formation of America.

We cannot continue to allow our government, its agencies and the media to lie to us. It is imperative that we bring this out in the open so that it can be stopped. #HumansAreNotForSale

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Michelle Odachowski
Michelle Odachowski
7 months ago

I believe in all of these articles .I just wish something is done soon and it gets out to the america public.and arrest start showing