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Festive Road and PredictX Partnership For Industry Innovation

Festive Road

FESTIVE ROAD, the world’s leading travel and meetings engagement consultancy, has announced an “Innovation Partnership” with travel management predictive analytics leader PredictX.

Festive RoadFestive Road and PredictX Partnership For Industry Innovation

The two companies have joined forces to combine leading consultancy with advanced analytics – creating a force for better business travel and meetings management. The partnership aims to create innovative solutions to solve travel and meetings management pain points for buyers and suppliers across strategy, sourcing and delivery processes.
The partners have identified an initial pipeline of solutions to nine key industry problems. The solutions will be developed over the next twelve months.
PredictX will also empower Festive Road’s ever-increasing outsourced travel management portfolio with advanced predictive data-driven insight. The result is a unique industry health check solution complete with both qualitative and quantitative services.
Caroline Strachan, Managing Partner at Festive Road believes both companies share a common identity rooted in industry innovation and have much to offer the broader Travel industry:
“The potential for innovation when you combine consulting minds with unique data-driven insight is really exciting. PredictX and Festive Road share a similar cultural DNA which makes this partnership a really powerful proposition. The nine pipeline solutions are the result of numerous “What would it take to significantly shift Travel & Meetings Management” workshops… We can’t wait to show the industry what we will achieve in the coming months,” said Strachan.
PredictX CEO Keesup Choe agrees:
“Our vision is to transform the way businesses make decisions. The more advances we make in machine learning and predictive analytics for the travel industry, the more there is a need to review the strategy to leverage these advances. Festive Road are the leaders in helping businesses transform their travel programs. Guided by Festive Road advice, our clients will be fully prepared to make transformative improvements powered by advanced analytics.” said Choe.
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