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Study Shows 5 Healthy Habits Can Extend Life – What’s Missing?

5 Healthy Habits

5 Healthy Habits Can Extend Lives Over 10+ Years

5 Healthy HabitsAn article posted on the Los Angeles Times website on April 30th, 2018 and written by their Science and Medicine Editor, Karen Kaplan referred to a recent report posted by the journal called “Circulation”.  This report – and Kaplan’s article, shows that men and women who follow 5 healthy habits have life expectancies over 10 years longer than those who don’t:  14 years for women and 12 years for men.  But what is missing?

There were no real surprises in the list of 5 healthy habits – although some may raise their eyebrows at the stats that show life expectancies of those who fully abstain from alcohol are about the same as those who are heavy drinkers.  Guess I need to get back to going to more parties and happy hours …..

You can probably guess the 5 healthy habits whether you practice them or not:  Maintaining a healthy weight (a BIG problem for obese America), getting daily exercise, not smoking, eating healthy and moderate consumption of alcohol.  Most of us realize that diet and exercise play a big part in our health – but I’d venture to say that many do not realize how big a part.  Still fewer will decide to make lifestyle choices armed with the knowledge that if they do, they could live an extra 10+ years!  Perhaps many people just don’t care to live that long?  Or maybe the thought of living healthy just seems like too much work?

What’s Missing from This Article?

The LA Times article does a good job of outlining that 5 healthy habits that can greatly extend lifespans, but fails to mention one HUGE fact:  Living a Healthy Lifestyle leads to better living during the years one is alive.  Living with these 5 healthy habits not only leads to a healthy lifestyle, but a more vital and energetic life.  I’d venture to say that living a healthy lifestyle gives  not only more years, but BETTER Years as well:  better overall health, more energy, fewer visits to the doctor, fewer prescriptions, less sickness and disease.  It only makes sense.

As someone who personally decided to make serious changes to my lifestyle shortly before turning 50, I knew that I had to make changes to stay alive and vital.  What I have learned since that time is that I am not only extending my life, but that the quality of life has been greatly enhanced.  I’m now looking forward to an extended and better, healthier life – and hope you are too!