• Wed. Jul 21st, 2021

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Trump's War on Women, Hillary's Wall Street Support a Boost to Eventual “Write-In” TV Candidate

The Write In TV ShowLionHound Productions CEO Michael Wilson today said Hillary’s tight connections with Wall Street and Trump’s “war on women” add up to good news for LionHound’s new TV program, “The Write-In.” Wilson, creator of the program, pointed out that “only Sanders and Kasich have bothered to court millennials,” which Wilson called the “forgotten demographic.”

“Millennials and other disenfranchised voters are our target audience,” Wilson said. “This forgotten demographic will have no part of the establishment, but could end up voting in large numbers if the candidate is right.”

“Once the two-party system ends up saddling voters with a Wall Street Democrat and a misogynistic Republican, ‘The Write-In in’ will be there with honest candidates, ready to make history,” LionHound Vice President Brad Keena predicted.

Each week on “The Write-In”, policy experts, entertainers, and media representatives will challenge the television audience to select their candidate to be a write-in on the November 2016 presidential election ballot. The program has begun auditioning “citizen candidates” through its official website, www.thewrite-in.com. The site includes an official nomination page and application form.

“When the two best candidates are ultimately left behind by their conventions, ‘The Write-In’ will be their best shot at reaching the real voters of America,” Wilson predicted.