• Sun. Jul 25th, 2021

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CEO Michael Wilson Invites Sanders to Audition on “The Write-In”

The Write In TV ShowLionHound Productions CEO Michael Wilson recently said Independent Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is “on the money” when he describes a “rigged and corrupt campaign system.” Wilson is creator of the “Write- In,” a new TV program designed to allow viewers to narrow a field of “citizen candidates” auditioning to be a popular write-in presidential candidate this fall.

“Sen. Sanders is the only major candidate making an effort to reach both Millennials and minorities,” Wilson said. “Our show, ‘The Write-In,’ is auditioning citizen candidates willing to bypass the rigged and corrupt campaign system that ignores millinnials, limits minorities, and squelches popular choice in favor of big-money candidates. When Democrats hand the nomination to Hillary, Bernie Sanders is welcome to audition for the ‘Write-In’.”

Each week on “The Write-In”, policy experts, entertainers, and media representatives will challenge the television audience to select their candidate to be a write-in on the November 2016 presidential election ballot. The official website for the show is www.thewrite-in.com. The site includes an official nomination page and application form.