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Restaurateur/Chef Thoa Nguyen Opening 2nd Eastside Restaurant Next Month

ByJoe Conspiracy Theorist

Feb 10, 2016
Restaurateur/Chef Thoa Nguyen is leading a team that is building her next Pan Asian restaurant in the Seattle area; soon she will be hiring her newest restaurant staff to open a restaurant creation she calls
Sushi Chinoise – Asian Grill & Sushi Bar. Not only does she develop the menus (and sometimes cook) at her restaurants but she is the creative force behind selecting locations, defining the concept and designing the look and feel of the restaurants she owns. She loves the challenge and after successfully opening and running six restaurants in twenty years, she says that every restaurant has its own character and she loves how number seven is coming along.  
               “This space spoke to me when I first saw it: perched on a hill, not too big, it has natural light from floor to ceiling windows on three of its four sides. I choose accent wall colors of dramatic dark gray, mocha brown and rustic orange, the sushi bar runs almost the length of the entire room. We have a seasonal patio on the Beardslee Village plaza, where the entrance to our restaurant is. We are directly next to John Howie’s Beardslee Public House at the Beardslee Road 405 exit ramp in Bothell, says Chef Thoa, I know the area is ready for sushi and our Pan Asian favorites. The population has grown to include Asian and non-Asian guests who want options nearby without having to travel to Seattle or Bellevue.” Sushi Chinoise menu items are also meant to travel well, the restaurant will be set-up to accommodate what is anticipated to be a robust demand for to-go and catering.                   
  About Chinoise Café,  Wabi Sabi Restaurants & Sushi Chinoise Restaurants:
               Founded in Seattle by chef, restaurateur Thoa Nguyen, Chinoise Café, Wabi Sabi Sushi Bar and Sushi Chinoise (opening March 2016) are contemporary Pan Asian restaurants defined by their fresh, beautiful food; from sushi to pho, wok dishes to summer salad rolls.  In May of 2015, Chef Thoa competed on the Food Network program, Beat Bobby Flay. She defeated another chef for the opportunity to compete against Bobby Flay. She then went on, to beat the Food Network star with her version of Bibimbap, a Korean rice bowl dish.   
               Sushi Chinoise – Asian Grill & Sushi Bar  at the Beardslee Crossing development in Bothell is Chef Thoa’s seventh restaurant since her first restaurant opened on Queen Anne.  Chef Thoa’s Pan Asian restaurants are contemporary, approachable, affordable, fun, friendly and authentic, in the Seattle area since 1996.