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Snoop Dogg Mount Kushmore Wellness TourLegendary performing artist, Snoop Dogg will launch his Mount Kushmore Wellness Tour tonight April 13, 2017 in Seattle. The tour features platinum and multi- platinum Hip Hop Artists Cypress Hill, the first Latin American group to achieve sales of 18 million albums worldwide. 

The band is kicking off the day with serial entrepreneur, Heidi Arsenault, CEO of GrassHopperHub, the leader in cannabis purchasing platform technologies. This event will connect buyers and sellers through a private, mobile media party.  Arsenault is escorting the band on April 13 at high noon, along with media to conduct interviews during the trip to  Green Lady Marijuana in Lynnwood, WA. Upon arrival, the band will appear for a private meet and greet with members of the Green Lady Marijuana Loyalty Program. 

Green Lady, a top cannabis retailer located at 14221 Lake Road in Lynnwood, offers one of a kind experiences for members of their loyalty program. Collectively, they invest and collaborate in community events reserved strictly for their private society. Membership is free of charge and includes being a special guest of these private shows, headlining some of the most famous and well-loved performers.

This private event is sponsored by GrassHopperHub, Green Lady Marijuana, Reefer, OG Farms, and Prohibition Brands.  The band will also offer their launch of one of their branded tips which be sold via GrassHopperHub’s platform and sold at the Green Lady Marijuana’s retail location. 

Founded in 2014, Vulcan Mountain /Reefer Cannabis is a local example of entrepreneurial visionaries.  Their mission is to produce safe, high quality products that consumers can always trust in. They utilize clean, eco-friendly manufacturing practices to help minimize their carbon footprint and better support the long-term health of the surrounding landscapes.  Their facility’s topsoil uses organic fertilizers and naturally balanced mountain spring water that gives their products their 100% clean reputation.

OG Farms Inc began as Zion Gardens in San Diego as one of pioneers in the industry in 1996 and won the first San Diego Cannabis Cup with their Ogizzle strain. They relocated to Shelton, WA on 40 acres near the beautiful hood canal.  They have some of SoCals most popular strains in the industry like L.A Confidential and SFV OG. When they won the lottery in WA OG Farms began recruiting local partners to grow the business. Initially they focused on bulk wholesale to other Processors in the industry, but they now focus on rolling out the brand as a Processor to their retailers.

“This event is a reflection of GrassHopperHub’s unique approach to channel sales and marketing,” said Arsenault. “In addition to traditional methods such as advertising, email campaigns and vendor days, we extend our focus on cannabis product and retail brand collaborations that leverage high-profile entertainment for a once in a lifetime consumer experience.”

“As part of our expansion in the Washington market, we are thrilled to be able to offer this experience to our Loyalty Members in our new Lynnwood store,” said Mike Redman, owner of Green Lady Marijuana. “As pioneers in this industry, we need to work together to help each other grow and we are honored to have such incredible brands stand behind our community related events.