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Mother with baby working in home office
Mother with baby working in home office

For anyone who is looking to build an online income working from home or while traveling, there are many different options on which ways to go.  There are many types of jobs or businesses that can be created online including translators, survey takers and writing jobs of all kinds.
Get Paid To Write!!!
If you can provide language translation services online, you can easily get a job as a translator – or even work at home and start a language translation business while working at home.
Make Money Taking Paid Surveys
If you are looking for gigs that pay you for taking surveys, you might be surprised about all the different opportunities that are available.  There is definitely a healthy amount of competition for the work, but if you know the right tips and tricks, you will have no problem creating another form of income for yourself.  There certainly are a good number of people who make a nice income by simply filling out surveys, there are others who get paid to write reviews on businesses – others can actually get paid for going shopping (which is the perfect dream for a good percentage of our population.  If you want to find out how to get paid to take surveys – either at home or on site, check out Professional Survey Takers Wanted for High Paying Survey Jobs.
If you are in need of some help in preparing a cover letter for each of the jobs you apply for, you will certainly want to check out the Amazing Cover Letter Creator!  In a world where recruiters get stacks of resumes with interest in the good jobs, make your resume stand out – with a cover letter that shines the right light on your, helping you get the interview and land the job!
Once you get the interview, you will probably want to be prepared for any questions they might throw at you.  The best way to prepare for any type of job interview without questions is to review Bob Firestone’s Ultimate Job Interview Guide.
Now you can find the right translator job or at home survey takers opportunity, you help yourself get that interview with a really great cover letter to go with your resume and you can kill in that interview because Bob Firestone is going to have you all prepared with the correct answers to the most difficult questions ever asked in an interview.
Once you find and secure that work at home income using these special tools, please come back and visit this site – and really make sure to let us know about how you’ve done working at home.  We’re always looking forward to hearing many, many more stories of real people who do really cool things – and are able to create and sustain a really good income while working in the comfort of their own home (or wherever in the world that they choose to be on that given day).
I think the only real qualifier in working as a suitcase entrepreneur or digital nomad is to be somewhere there is high-speed internet access available.