• Wed. Jul 21st, 2021

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New parenting resource to kill summer camp planning pain

Tis the season to plan for your children’s summer camps! Those 10 long weeks to fill with thousands of programs out there, to many parents, summer camp planning is tedious, frustrating and time-consuming. It is truly a headache.6crickets.com logo

Here is why. Parents need to visit many camp providers’ websites, manually find programs that satisfy their children’s ages, interests, driving constraints, and schedules at each provider’s website. Often parents put together a spreadsheet to piece classes from different providers into a coherent schedule across the 10 weeks of the summer—that is quite a puzzle to solve. Once figuring out this schedule, a parent needs to go to each provider’s website to create an account and password and to fill out lengthy registration forms over and over again. This process can linger for weeks to finalize and is simply painful.

Now the good news that there is a new parenting resource 6crickets.com that comes to your rescue.  This service is built by a mom and a renowned computer scientist, Helen Wang.  Helen experienced the pain first hand and 6crickets solves all of them.  6crickets partners with hundreds of providers and gathered tens of thousands of their programs into a central website for you to search, make a schedule for one or more children over the weeks of the summer side-by-side, then checkout and pay for the schedule full of camps using a single registration form in one go! Plus, you can share your schedule with friends to take camps together, carpooling anyone?  

So those weeks long of agony is reduce to tens of minutes with 6crickets.com. If this is still not easy enough, 6crickets recommends you a summer camp schedule tailored for your children, satisfying their ages, co-locating camps for the same week to minimize driving, diversifying topic areas across different summer weeks, and avoiding vacation weeks.

Finally, summer camp planning is made easy, with 6crickets! Parents have raved about 6crickets. Hope it will save many headaches for you, too!