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Rotella Gallery to Open First Location in the Pacific NW at Bellevue

Rotella Gallery logoFine art and photography gallery of New York’s SoHo famed Rotella Gallery will open its first to market gallery in Bellevue Square April 18, 2016.  Founded by Robert P. Rotella, the first Rotella Gallery opened at the Palazzo in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2012 and was soon followed in 2013 with another gallery in Soho, New York. 

A photographer since youth, Mr. Rotella cultivated a passion for photography over a lifetime and wished to see it respected among the fine art community. He began with a clear mission for the Gallery, envisioning an art space strictly dedicated to the craft and a creative environment for photographers to sell their work. 

“As a fellow photographer, I aimed to give them the freedom that other galleries did not necessarily provide,” says Rotella. The Bellevue gallery will focus on limited edition, collectible works. The Rotella Gallery now manages most of the production and framing of each piece giving artists creative liberties over their collections. It now has a portfolio of seven photographers with further plans to expand his vision.

The opening of the Bellevue gallery is particularly important, according to Rotella Gallery. None can deny the impact New York City has on the art world, but it is exciting to see these images soon adorn the walls in such a natural and lush environment as the Evergreen state. Many of the photographers exhibiting in the gallery have a passion for wildlife and environmental conservation which is showcased in their imagery. They cherish this natural landscape and strive to push a public awareness. This new gallery will bring a space solely for fine art photography as was envisioned so many years before.

“The offering of art galleries of different mediums is such an important part of The Bellevue Collection Experience,” says Jennifer Leavitt, vice president of marketing for The Bellevue Collection. “Rotella Gallery will be a welcome addition to the art offering at The Collection showcasing the work of some of our country’s finest photographers.”

The new gallery opens April 18th and is located in Bellevue Square in the corridor between Center Court and Macy’s on the first level.  The Gallery will open will its full collection of artists, including works from Art Wolfe, a Pacific Northwest native who has achieved international fame for his work.