• Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

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My Why

Our Family on the Red Carpet at NFFTY 2016Pictures Tell a Thousand Words ….  This Picture Tells

My Why

It’s a picture of Jacqueline (now Nataliya), Makaya, Stacia and I on the red carpet at the National Film Festival for Talented Youth in Seattle a couple of years ago.


For now, I want to reveal how after 53 years on this earth, that I finally made a decision to step up and Go Big!  It’s not hard being super motivated, when your wife is pregnant and the rent is due.  It’s not hard to be motivated when your child support is over due and your own daughter won’t even talk to you.  And the rent is still due.

It’s not hard to be motivated to make BIG Massive Change.  Although I realize that for the time being, I need to keep working for someone else, I also realize that at 53 years old, I can no longer depend on that.  Who wants to hire an ‘old’ white guy (with negligible talents), when they can hire two people half his age?  Let me know if you find someone.  Still if you did, no employer can be counted on to provide work or an income for any real length of time.

Always Remember Your WhyThe bottom line is that I finally need to start looking out for my family and I – as nobody else will.  I decided over the weekend that I am going to build a couple of different businesses online.  One I want to work as part of a team (probably a Network Marketing business like Empower) and one I want to work on either by myself or with my beautiful (and expecting) wife – although for some reason, despite my best salesmanship, I have not been able to sell her on the idea of working with me.  Not sure why ….  Maybe it’s because I am a TOTAL ASSHOLE …    🙁

My WHY is my family and my WHY means so much to me, that when I really focus on it and allow it to take over – it is unstoppable.  It has really been a motivating factor and should definitely continue to be a driving force behind the decisions and the actions that I take.

While we are talking about unstoppable, it might be a good time to mention The Unstoppable Family – Rhonda and Brian Swan, who travel around the world with their young daughter Hanalei.  Stacia has been following their adventures for years and actually met Brian at a conference in Chicago a couple of years ago.  When Rhonda started following me @JoeTeslaKennedy on Instagram earlier in the week, I started thinking about them.  They are actually probably a major reason that we have been planning a larger family:  Stacia and I both seeing a lot of travel in our futures after the baby arrives.

Before I start rambling and getting off point too much – my real point is that my WHY is super powerful.  I am still searching for the best ways to proceed and won’t quit trying until I crack the code of being able to work from anywhere (with an internet connection) at any time …  It’s real important I find a way to make this happen in the very near future – as they say, we’re not getting any younger …

A near future post will reveal my Ideal Day Vision, which in turn will reveal A LOT about how I want to play out the rest of my life.  Noticed that I said how I want to play out, not how my life plays out.  I am a participant – Life is Not a Spectator Sport.