• Mon. Jul 26th, 2021

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Unique Social Media Startup Launched by Young Entrepreneur in Seattle

Parade SocialParade Social, an event social media concierge service, was launched in Seattle this week. The company, which prides itself on crafting unique social media experiences for events of all types and sizes, public or private, for individuals, organizations and businesses is the first of its kind in the Pacific Northwest. Throughout the month of November, the new venture will begin partnering with local hotels, venue spaces, and event planners to diversify its cliental and reach new consumers. The concept has already begun attracting attention nationally with recent buzz building in Silicon Valley.

“I worked in marketing for small businesses and other Seattle-area based corporations for the past few years. After getting laid off multiple times, I realized that my skills and passions were better suited for life outside of a cubical. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial-spirit, and I felt inspired to launch a company that could fully utilize my strengths, help bring people’s special moments to life, and take advantage of local tech culture,” said founder Gregory Baxley. “We have such a diverse and vibrant population in the Pacific Northwest, and I want to further enrich lives by bringing memories to life via social media in real-time across platforms.”

The practical services offered by Parade Social provides gatherings with flexible, talented, experienced and savvy social media experts to handle on-site logistics for all social media shared content. This gives organizers the benefit of documentation and further cements memories that are perpetually accessible with a click. From parties and weddings, to conferences and product launches, concierges work within the framework of each event, coordinating with hosts, organizers and other vendors to ensure that the responsibility of social media is taken care of in a non-intrusive way. No matter the occasion, guests should never have to experience a special day through the screen of a smartphone.

Visit Parade Social at www.paradesocial.com.