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PLAT.ONE Announces Solution for IoT Connected Products

ByJoe Connector

Apr 13, 2016 #IoT, #PLAT.ONE

PLAT.ONE logoPLAT.ONE Solution Accelerator Designed to Supercharge the Provisioning and Management of Connected Products

From the Smart IoT London event – PLAT.ONE an enterprise-grade Internet of Things (IoT) solution platform, has announced the release of PRODUCT.ONE – a connected product solution accelerator for IoT Connected Products.

PRODUCT.ONE enables the rapid provisioning and ongoing management of connected products for home and commercial use. PRODUCT.ONE not only enables end-users to provision and manage connected products but also allows manufacturers and authorized partners to analyze usage and manage connected products remotely for maximum availability and minimal downtime.

PRODUCT.ONE is built on PLAT.ONE’s industry-leading adaptive IoT platform, offering powerful capabilities at the device, edge and cloud level. The platform provides scalable management for millions of connected products, and a role-based security model to ensure that only those authorized to see product data have access.

Dr. John Bates, CEO of PLAT.ONE said, “We have been working with many manufacturers who know it is an imperative that their products become ‘connected’. Products are now ‘alive’ and must be provisioned, monitored and managed. This allows for continuous upgrades and performance improvements. Connected products are now service delivery platforms! PRODUCT.ONE provides a powerful framework to support the lifecycle of connected products.”

Connected product customers of PLAT.ONE include the largest manufacturer of coffee machines in Italy – LaCimbali. LaCimbali recently announced the latest generation of connected coffee machines, powered by PLAT.ONE. 

PLAT.ONE is the leading enterprise-grade IoT solutions platform. By simplifying the process of creating, deploying and managing complex IoT solutions, PLAT.ONE radically shortens time-to-value for IoT applications and significantly reduces the cost of their management. Specifically, it enables:

  • Complex device connectivity and management across a wide number of industry standard machine and messaging protocols.
  • A micro-services-based adaptive architecture that can adapt to run logic on the device, at the edge or in the cloud, depending on the solution requirements.
  • A semantic data model that future-proofs applications by abstracting sets of underlying sensors and devices as “IoT business objects”, such as trucks or street lamps.
  • Pre-built Solution Accelerators for a number of different IoT use cases, including smart cities, connected products and smart transportation.

PLAT.ONE customers include BT, T-Systems and Telecom Italia and Partners such as Cisco.