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HIIT The Game is So Much Fun, You Won’t Realize You’re Exercising

Santa Rosa, CA, 08 February 2015: STACK 52, creator of competitive fitness products, has launched on Kickstarter its new game called HIIT the Game, which incorporates a competitive game into the scientifically proven High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) method of exercising

Mike Volkin, Inventor of HIIT the Game and owner of Stack 52, said, “I’ve worked hard to develop a very unique and fun game that not only brings out players competitive side, but also gets you fit.”

In scientific circles, HIIT with HIIT The Game by STACK 52 commonly incorporates hard and fast cardio and bodyweight exercises with a 2:1 ratio of work to rest. The most interesting and attractive part of HIIT workouts is that the workouts are short but intense.  Numerous scientific studies have shown that HIIT style workouts burns more calories than a traditional workout.  HIIT the Game takes HIIT to another level and incorporates a competitive gaming environment to this already effective method of working out.  Whats more, is you don’t need a gym to play the game. HIIT the Game can be played anywhere as the bodyweight fitness cards require no equipment other than your arms and legs.  HIIT The Game by STACK 52 has garnered in a great deal of enthusiasm from its test groups.

Backing the Kickstarter campaign comes with a variety of attractive rewards:

  • Digital thanks and good karma – $1
  • HIIT The Game – $25
  • 2x HIIT The Game – $39
  • HIIT The Game + Strength Stack 52 Tri Pack – $49
  • HIIT The Game + Strength Stack 52 Tri Pack + Weight Loss Stack 52 + Quick Sweat Dice – $97
  • HIIT The Game with Skype fitness consulting – $500

Brandon, a playtester, comments, “HIIT is intense, and this game makes working out fun, be prepared to sweat and be prepared to be sore, this isn’t a casual workout.”

Please visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mvolkin/66216308?token=08a6e50f and http://hiit.stack52.com/ for more details on this fitness game.


Contact Information

Contact Person: Mike Volkin

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Email-id: mikevolkin@gmail.com

Website: www.HIITStack52.com