• Tue. Jul 20th, 2021

Our Great Awakening

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Keiretsu Forum’s Northwest Region recently announced that the organization’s recent Angel Capital Expo event experienced record attendance. SageMedic (www.sagemedic.com) was named the recipient of the group’s prestigious “Most Valued Company Award,” which was presented at last week’s event. Healionics (www.healionics.com) received second place and CleanFiber (www.cleanfiber.com) came in third place.

SageMedic As The Most Valued CompanySageMedic

The top three companies were selected by investor members and guests and were among the hand-picked entrepreneurial companies from all over the U.S. and Canada who presented their distinct innovations at the Expo. Event attendees heard exclusive insights from award-winning speakers and executives from such hot industries as healthcare, blockchain, cryptocurrency, AI and software innovations.

The angel group bestowed two additional revered awards given by the organization at the Expo: “Lifetime Achievement Award” was given to keynote speaker, and Fellow and Lead Instructor at the Angel Resource Institute, Bill Payne, for his four decades of successful investing and mentoring. “Most Active Investor Award” was presented to Seattle member James G. W. Reed, Sr.
During the course of two days, Keiretsu Capital (www.keiretsucapital.com) and Keiretsu Forum Northwest jointly welcomed more than 750 guests to its August Family Office Forum conference, prestigious evening event and the Angel Capital Expo conference. “Keiretsu Forum Northwest is honored to host such an impressive group of investors and ground-breaking companies. We are thrilled to see the growing interest and exponential growth in attendees at our Angel Capital Expo and its related events,” said Brianna McDonald, President. “We continue to hear powerful feedback about how these gatherings, insights and connections are propelling growth and funding for the companies involved. An increasing number of investors are recognizing that our mindshare and collaborative approach is providing diversified investment opportunities.”
The Keiretsu Forum Northwest Region also announced its spring “Angel Capital Expo” will be held April 16th and 17th, 2019, from 7:30 am – 6 pm at Microsoft Building 33, in Redmond, Washington, and is now open for registration.
The six-chapter Keiretsu Forum Northwest Region is part of the world’s largest and most active investment community of early stage “angel” investors. The group’s mindshare approach to community-based investing is gaining recognition and commitment from investors who want a more empowered, hands on, and collective investor experience and due diligence applied to their investments.