• Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

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Clark Nuber

Clark Nuber PS, a CPA and consulting firm headquartered in the Seattle metropolitan area, has been recognized as an INSIDE Public Accounting (IPA) “Top 100 Firm in the U.S.”

Clark Nuber Named As An IPAClark Nuber

Now in its 28th year, IPA’s annual rankings of the Top 100 through 300 largest firms in the U.S. are listed from the multi-billion-dollar Big 4 to firms of roughly $10 million in net revenue. The rankings are compiled from data gathered in the annual IPA Survey and Analysis of Firms, which attracts participation from nearly 600 firms.

“The accounting industry has seen much activity in terms of mergers and acquisitions. As a one-office firm committed to a primarily organic growth strategy, we are a rarity on this list. Our Top 100 ranking can be attributed to our consistent focus on helping our people and clients to be successful,” said Rob Wheeler, CEO of Clark Nuber.