Fitbit Flex Review: What I Like About Fitbit Flex

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Here is my initial Fitbit Flex review:  A couple of months ago, my wife and I attended a Fitbit Local event here in the San Diego area.  It was a really cool session on the beach in Solana Beach, one part yoga and one part bootcamp style exercise.  The Fitbit Local trainers were stellar.  The next day, I ‘borrowed’ my wife’s Fitbit Flex activity tracker to see what Fitbit is all about.  She’s pregnant and isn’t using it anyway, but I think she was a little bummed that I took it over.

It was super easy to create a Fitbit account online and then download the Fitbit app for my iPhone.  There are options to log your exercise, your water intake and what you eat.   Continue reading “Fitbit Flex Review: What I Like About Fitbit Flex”