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Fitbit Flex Review: What I Like About Fitbit Flex

Fitbit Flex Review Activity TrackerJoe Abs Fitbit Flex Review

Here is my initial Fitbit Flex review:  A couple of months ago, my wife and I attended a Fitbit Local event here in the San Diego area.  It was a really cool session on the beach in Solana Beach, one part yoga and one part bootcamp style exercise.  The Fitbit Local trainers were stellar.  The next day, I ‘borrowed’ my wife’s Fitbit Flex activity tracker to see what Fitbit is all about.  She’s pregnant and isn’t using it anyway, but I think she was a little bummed that I took it over.

It was super easy to create a Fitbit account online and then download the Fitbit app for my iPhone.  There are options to log your exercise, your water intake and what you eat.   Continue Reading