Team BeachBody’s New Nutrition Program 2B Mindset: What’s In The Box

New Nutrition Program 2B Mindset from BeachBody requires ZERO exercise

2B Mindset Be More TribeOrder the 2B Mindset Nutrition Program by June 3rd and SAVE $20

Team BeachBody recently came out with a new nutrition program for people who have challenges with their mindset around food. That means it is pretty much for all of us …

2B Mindset is an all new program designed to teach us all to have a better mindset about food and eating. 2B actually stands for two bunnies – a little funny, but it’s actually 2 bunny ears – four key points to keep in mind when working to have a great mindset about food and nutrition.

The key points are as follows:

1) Measure – this means weighing in every day.
2) Track – write down what you are eating and drinking.
3) Water first. Before eating or drinking anything, drink A LOT of water.
4) Veggies Most. For each of your meals and snacks, eat mostly veggies.

It’s that simple. Do those things and get to and maintain a healthy weight. No exercise required – but you will probably want to – and anything you can do to breathe and sweat is extra credit with #2BMindset

Order the 2B Mindset Nutrition Program by June 3rd and SAVE $20

Scottie Hobbs Quit P90X – So I’m Going to Do P90X

Hey Everyone – I’m Joe Kennedy, Minister of Health and Fitness and P90X Be More TribeFounder of the Be More Tribe.  I’m really pumped up today and have some news for you!

As a little background, Scottie Hobbs is is one of the most successful male online fitness coaches for Team BeachBody.  He has built a great team, trained a lot of people and helped many people get in better shape.  He has also made A LOT of money.

Scottie Hobbs is one of the reasons that I decided to go all-in as a Team BeachBody Coach.  I’ve watched a lot of his videos.  Today I watched one where he told his viewers that he quit P90X – the program that initially introduced him to BeachBody and helped him lose A LOT of weight.

He said that after doing different workouts every day in the 80 Day Obsession program, he just wasn’t into P90X and it’s 12 different workouts.  So apparently so time in the last week or so, he decided to quit P90x and go back to 80 Day Obsession.  One of the things that I like best about BeachBody is that there are so many different workouts and nutrition programs, that there is literally something for everyone.  I don’t think it’s a bad thing to start on one and then change to another.  People change – and so do their needs and desires.  Scottie Hobbs has had great success with both programs – as have thousands of others.  I’m sure he’ll have continued success with 80 day obsession and wish him the best.

That said, I don’t think it will be as likely that he’ll reach his stated goal to be in the best shape of his life in 12 months.  After all, it’s got to be just a little easier doing 30 minute workouts each day in 80 Day Obsession, than the 60 minute workouts in P90X …..  And that’s alright, but it’s exactly the reason that I’ve chosen to rock P90X.

I’m starting a new Challenge Group on June 1st – and I’d like YOU to be in it!  Whether you decide to rock P90X with me, take on 80 Day Obsession, choose another BeachBody workout program, or simply want to work with the new 2B Mindset nutrition program, I would love to be your coach and accountability partner.  Many coaches simply rely on Facebook groups for their accountability groups – and we’ll have that too – but I will also ask each participant to check in with me daily so I know how they are doing and when I need to push, congratulate or back off.

If you are interested in achieving better health and fitness, this is a great opportunity to start – and I would be thrilled to be able to help you along your journey.  Please contact me – and I’ll get you all signed up and ready to go!

This is going to be TOTAL #awesomeness !!!


Team BeachBody MEGA BOD Completion Challenge Pack Unboxing

Buy A MEGA Completion Challenge Pack and Go “All-In” as a Team BeachBody Online Fitness Coach

I recently went “all-in” as a Team BeachBody online fitness coach and purchased a BeachBody on Demand MEGA Completion Challenge Pack. The cost of the entire package – including a full year of the BeachBody On Demand library of workouts cost less than $300 – and it included a huge about of supplements and gear.

What a bargain! If you are considering starting your own business as a Team BeachBody Coach, I urge you to make sure that you are “all-in” – investing in yourself and your business. You need to be using the products so you know what you are representing – and you can BE A PRODUCT OF THE PRODUCT.

Not everyone is a good fit for BeachBody or to become a Team BeachBody Coach – but it is a fantastic and established system that has been proven over and over again to change people’s lives.

I’m here to help you get healthier, fitter and happier – and if you are looking for a better way to earn income, I can help you with that too! I really do want YOU to be a valued member of the Be More Tribe. #joinus #bemore #BeMoreTribe