BeachBody Clean Week: Unboxing – What’s In the Box? (video)

Stacia and I are putting on a “Clean Week” starting on April 16th so that anyone who is interested can Make it a Week, Before Making it a Lifestyle. This is a great way to try eating clean and find out how great it makes you feel. When you join us for clean week, you […]

Food Intake December 21, 2016

6:30 AM – Shakeology w 16 oz H2O 10 AM – Green Drink, Luna Bar 1PM – Preworkout Drink. 16 oz H2O 1:15PM – Workout, 64 oz H2O 3:45 – 2 scoops protein powder, 16 oz milk 4:15 – Sushi, lots of sushi 5:45 – 2 scoops protein powder, 16 oz milk 7:45 – 2 […]

Food Intake December 19, 2016

5:45 AM – Shakeology w 16 oz H2O 10 AM – 32 oz H2O, handful of cashews (unfortunately salted – one of my vices), small handful of dried cranberries, handful of almonds with vinegar and seasalt 1PM – 2 HB eggs, preworkout drink w 16oz H2O 1:15 PM Workout.  Monday Legs Day. 64 oz H2O […]

Joe Abs’ Promise to You and I

Joe Abs always works hard to continue to get better and achieve ultimate health. Here is my promise to you and I: You may be bigger, stronger, faster than Joe Abs.  You might even have a lower body fat percentage than Joe Abs (extremely doubtful).  You may be richer, you might work out in a […]

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