Juicing Naked w Joe Abs: Beet and Apple Whole Juice

In this episode of Juicing Naked, Joe Abs makes a tasty and super healthy “red drink”:  Beet & Apple Whole Juice.

Here is the recipe that Joe Abs used today:

1/2 a large red beet
1 apple – any variety is good, Joe used a Golden Delicious
frozen strawberries – small handful
ice – handful (depending on how cold you like your drinks)
water – 1.5 cups

Try this Beet Apple Whole Juice this week and let Joe Abs know how you liked it.

Beets are a “super” anti-oxidants and provide the following benefits:

1. Beets Lower Blood Pressure
2. Beets Boost Your Stamina
3. Beets Fight Inflammation
4. Beets Anti-Cancer Properties
5. Beets Provide Valuable Nutrients and Fiber
6. Beets Help to Purify Your Blood and Liver

Current Reads: Joe Abs Book List

Sometime in the near future, I will rebuild the bibliography page that this site used to have.  I will add to it and update it.

I am currently reading a few different books and a couple of them are appropriate for people interested in health and nutrition.  Let me tell you about them:

Best Green Drinks Ever

Best Green Drinks Ever, Boost Your Juice with Antioxidants, Protein and More is by Katrine Van Wyk, a former model from Norway who I somehow met on social media (I actually forgot how, but want to check out her book on green smoothies).

Katrine has also written another book called Best Green Eats Ever.

You can buy them both on Amazon.com.

Over 50 Looking 30! 

Over 50 Looking 30! The Secrets of Staying Young is a book by Nina Anderson and Howard Peiper, MD.  It is illustrated by Richard Vail.

Some of what I already do for health, nutrition and fitness is covered in this book, but it does include some information on enzymes, minerals and essential fatty acids that I am not yet up to speed on.

You can buy Over 50 Looking 30! on Amazon.com.

Juicing Naked with Joe Abs at JoeAbs.com – More Goodness with the Vitamix

Joe is going to turn 50 this year, so he decided he was going to find and define his abs for the first time in his life.  Through proper nutrition and a well planned exercise program, he is on the way to becoming Joe Abs.

Here is Joe Abs with another episode of Juicing Naked and a demonstration of using the amazing kitchen appliance / commercial blender VitaMix to create green, healthy and energy-giving juices and drinks.

Today’s ingredients include:  Kale, spinach, cucumber, broccoli, carrot, parsley, celery hearts, cold pressed flax seeds and vanilla Body Fortress super advanced Whey Protein.

Juicing Naked with Joe Abs of JoeAbs.com – “TomCukNash” Protein Veggie Smoothie Via VitaMix

Here’s the latest video of Juicing Naked with Joe Abs of JoeAbs.com using his VitaMix blender to make a custom “TomCukNash” Protein Veggie Smoothies.

“TomCukNash” Protein Smoothie:

2 Roma Tomatos
1 Cucumber
2 Handfuls spinach
1-2 scoops Body Fortress Protein Powder (I no longer recommend using whey protein powder)
1 tablespoon milled flax seeds
a bit of water and ice

Juicing Naked with Joe Abs and His Vita-Mix Episode 2

Here is today’s episode of Juicing Naked with Joe Abs, where I am using my Vitamix blender to make a Joe Abs Healthy V8 – with 8 different types of fresh vegetables.

Joe Abs Healthy V8
2 roma tomatoes or 1 large tomato
1/2 cup spinach
1 sprig parsley
1/3 cucumber
2 carrots
1 stalk celery
2 sprigs broccoli
1 brussel sprout
Frank’s Red Hot for seasoning