Food Intake December 17, 2016

7AM – Shakeology w 32 oz H2O

8AM – HB Egg, 3 tbs cottage cheese

9AM – 1/2 protein bar, 16oz H2O

11:30 – 2 scoops protein powder, 20oz H2O

12PM – Preworkout Drink, 16 oz H20

12:15 – 2:00pm Workout, 64 oz H2O, Beast Chest, jump ropes, abs

2:30 – Grilled lean burger, 3 poached eggs, sm sweet potato, green drink

5pm – 2 scoops protein powder with 20 oz H2O

9pm – 1 protein bar



Today is THE Day!

ShakeologyToday is the day that I get fully onboard with helping Stacia build her BeachBody Coaching business!

Just yesterday, I was finally released to full activity by the surgeon who did my hernia surgery a couple of months ago and I am super excited to get back into optimal shape.

Today I will start logging everything that I consume right here on this blog.

4:20 AM – Shakeology with water.  My daily dose of dense nutrition.

7 AM – Protein Bar, 16 oz h2o

10:45 AM – Preworkout drink

11-12:30 – Workout (Beast Arms) with extra jumprope and cardio.  64 oz H2O

Lunch December 16, 20161:15 PM – Lunch – Green Drink, Lean Grilled Hamburger, chopped tomato

1:45 PM Shower and Sex with my beautiful wife

2:30 – 5pm Nap

5pm – 4 eggs fried in avocado oil, 1 piece of wheat toast, 1 hb egg, 2 tbs almond butter, 8 tbs low fat cottage cheese, 2 scoops of protein powder with milk

9pm – Protein Bar, 32 oz H2O

Shout Out to BeachBody Inc – the Producers of P90X and Insanity

Very cool news today – I was contacted by Cara from Beachbody Inc about this blog.  I feel a little bad that I haven’t been as active here as I would like, but it is cool to find out that people are finding it anyway …
BeachBody Inc. is probably the leader in marketing (at least in advertising) of health and

fitness programs.  They put out a huge number of home fitness programs including Insanity, P90X and P90X2.  Their programs are generally really really good – although I have never gotten into them enough to know if they stress nutrition like it needs to be – I just assume that they do, because their customers seem to get results.

I’m assuming that the good people at are just wanting to see if I can help advertise and sell their products through an affiliate program on this site.  I’d really have to think strongly about that, because I’ve never actually used the products – and although their programs are probably very very good for younger people, I’ve stayed away from them because I’m an older guy with some pretty major physical issues – including herniated discs in my neck (which basically disabled me when I was much younger).
It would be super cool if Beach Body wanted to talk about putting together a health and fitness program for those of us in the 40 years + age group …  I think I could do a good job – and am certainly enough of a personality to make it work – and I am currently available for this kind of work ….  What do you think?  A Joe Abs Fitness Program for the 40+ crowd by Beach Body?  That could be cool …  Maybe they’ll follow up – or even give me a call 425-429-8590 …
Update:  7/6/15 – Beachbody never followed up, but I am currently writing the book for the Joe Abs Clean Eating Live-It – and planning more Juicing Naked videos.