Joe Abs New Nutritional Formulations

I’m super excited to be working on some great new nutritional supplements that are going to be ultra health supplements that you are going to want to take every day. Even though I have not been able to get into my typical workouts since a crazy auto accident last October, I am still very much […]

Joe Abs BeachBody Workout January 6 2019 – Tai Cheng

Joe Abs 6th BeachBody Workout of 2019 on January 6, 2019. My beautiful wife Stacia Kennedy joined me for a BeachBody workout once again and this time we did a 30 minute workout from Tai Cheng. I wasn’t good at many of the moves, as I had not seen any of them before.

Joe Abs BeachBody Workout January 5 2019 – Core De Force MMA Shred

Joe Abs 5th BeachBody workout of 2019 – January 5, 2019. Today my wife Stacia Kennedy joined me for my BeachBody workout. She’s had great success using Core De Force programs in the past, so I chose to go with a workout she was familiar with – MMA Shred from Core De Force and BeachBody […]

Joe Abs BeachBody Workout January 4 2019

This is the 4th Joe Abs BeachBody workout of 2019 – Shift Shop Strength :25 . It’s a short workout and I did it with light weights and modifications because of the injuries to my big toes. I apologize for the messed up audio – did not have the time to figure out what went […]

Joe Abs BeachBody Workout January 3 2019 Body Beast Build Shoulders

The third Joe Abs BeachBody workout of 2019 – today I chose to go with the familiar Body Beast program and did Build Shoulders. Body Beast is a very good BeachBody fitness program centered around lifting weights and getting Beasty! I did this 38 minute workout right before heading out the door for my first […]

Joe Abs DEXA Body Comp Scan Results January 3 2109

Just a short post to update on Joe Abs first DEXA body composition analysis of 2019. I did improve, but not a lot. Considering the improvement was made despite Christmas, New Years and my 56th birthday, a 4 day ski trip and some fairly painful injuries – I’ll take it. I will also take it […]

Joe Abs First DEXA Scan of 2019

Body Comp DEXA Body Composition Analysis Will Show Me Where I Stand This morning I am going in for my first DEXA body composition scan of 2019. I’m really not looking forward to the results. Although I should see slight improvements over my DEXA scan of December 2018, they won’t be what they could have […]

Joe Abs BeachBody Workout January 2, 2019

Today’s BeachBody Workout: Total Body Core – Day 1 of BeachBody 80 Obsession As I touched on in my blog post earlier today, my new schedule was derailed, but I had the opportunity to practice patience and flexibility. It also gave me the chance to make sure I got my BeachBody workout in no matter […]

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