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Isagenix Turns Back on Pregnant Associate – Sad Side of Isagenix and Network Marketing

This is a post I just wrote on a ‘secret’ Facebook group for Isagenix called Solutions to Success. They did not have any solutions for our situation and I fully expect that the post will be taken down momentarily, so I’m reposting here.
Stacia Kennedy‘s OB/GYN specifically told her not to take ANY supplements other than prenatal vitamins, so I volunteered to step up to take the Isabody Challenge on her behalf. Elan Amir told Stacia to call corporate to see if they would switch my name for hers so I could compete and we could continue with efforts to build our business. Unfortunately, thanks to Briana and the powers that be at @Isagenix , they won’t do it and want Stacia to continue spending money on products that she cannot use.

Really poor decision. At this point, our really poor decision was getting involved at all – and spending a lot of money on products, travel and gear – all for nothing.

We are left with no option, but to cancel. Wish y’all the best of success, but it will be without us. You can remove me from this group right after you delete the post … Still the same, you’ll be able to watch my personal progress (now without Isagenix products) at , and #JoesBodyChallenge. (I think I’ll also add the tag #AntiIsagenix )

Tomorrow is World Cleanse Day

Tomorrow January 4, 2016 is Isagenix’s Global Cleanse Day.  Although I have fasted at various times in the past, I have never actually done a cleanse and I’m kind of excited about it. It’s obviously too late to order your Isagenix Cleanse For Life and your Isagenix Flush products for tomorrow’s cleanse, but if you’re… Continue Reading