Reader Editorial: Where’s the Leadership Around Planned January 2019 Closure of SR 99 in Seattle?

January 2019 Closure of SR 99 in Seattle brings nightmares


Dear Editor:
Hello. You may or may not have seen the friendly reminder emails that state of Washington plans to CLOSE DOWN a major north-south interstate hiway 99 in the middle of Seattle for (a minimum) of 3 weeks in January 2019 (the middle of the winter) while they tear down the viaduct and open the new toll tunnel. What is truly astonishing is that there is absolutely NO help from any government agency to help emergency providers, citizens, business and transporters that drive through this state, the Puget Sound region and the City of Seattle except periodic friendly reminders and a sad list of homey tips- if you happen to subscribe to email from WSDOT-Seattle Area Traffic News.. 
Where the hell is leadership and resources to get this state’s residents through 3+ week closure Hiway 99 viadict? INTERSTATE HIWAY 99 carries 100,000 cars a day. IT’S beyoe APPALLING. NO PLANS NOR no BUDGET FOR ADDITIONAL TRANSPORTATIOM MEASURES HAVE EVEN BEEN DISCUSSED.

This is it folks: . See below for the list of friendly suggestions for geting through this traffic nightmare. And they promise ONLY 3 weeks? Really. Hmmm.
Where are the EXTRA BUSES that should have been brought into the region, staffed and ready to go along with the extra service and additional routes before this closure is put in place? NOTHING has been done. EXTRA TRAINS? NOPE. What’ coordination has been done with major employers to handle commuting traffic? Has the state/region/city reached out to small and medium business? How will this KILL business even further. How about small service providers. How do working mom’s get to daycare before they close? (Editor’s Note: although mom’s definitely have the toughest job in the world, ALL parents’s and citizen’s needs should be met).  What’s the EMERGENCY PLAN? What if we have THE earthquake?

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As the first part of Phase 1 of my web experiment, I have imported the content from Eastside Business to this site Joe

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When I first started printing Bellevue Business Journal newspaper in February 2005, it was really meant to be simply a local real estate newsletter and a way to reach real estate clients and potential clients.  Since Bellevue, Washington was just beginning to start a huge real estate boom – it just kind of took off.  More and more people wanted to be involved and the entire business kind of sucked me in again (I had previous owned and published The Valley Business Journal in Temecula, California).

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It Hasn’t Happened in Awhile – Now I Need an Investor to help Flip This House!

I’m still having a hard time believing it. I finally found a decent real estate investment in the Puget Sound area. It’s not on the Eastside, but in a highly desired area close to everything.

It is a fixer, and is a duplex that is zoned multifamily. I think I can get it for a decent deal, but will not actually be able to see it until tomorrow to see all the work that is going to need to be done.

Now I need an investor who can secure a mortgage and help pay the cost of improvements. I will do all the work and contribute my commissions from both the purchase and sale of the property. There is also the possibility, with the right financing, to fix and hold this property as rental units until there is even more appreciation in the area.

If you are interested, please send me an email to Joe (at) or call 425-455-LIST (5478)

As I wrote above, I’m very surprised to find what appears to be such a good deal – I generally feel like the local real estate market is greatly overvalued. It is has been very rare for me to find such a deal and I’d like for you to share the benefits with me.