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Experienced Mercer Island Entrepreneur Shares Keys to Success in Business and in Life

Fortune and Freedom by Jim HirshfieldJim Hirshfield brings more than 30 years of prosperous entrepreneurial experience to his new self-help book “Fortune and Freedom: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success.”
Any budding entrepreneur with questions about a business dilemma or how to balance personal and business life will find some tried-and-true, applicable wisdom in Jim Hirshfield’s new book, “Fortune and Freedom: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success” (ISBN 9780979812705, Millennium Ventures Press, 2008). Hirshfield’s qualifications include an MBA from Harvard and 26 years experience as the CEO of a cable company he founded.
“Fortune and Freedom” outshines the myriad of other available business self-help books because it’s about how to have a good life and enjoy the financial freedom of entrepreneurship, not a get-rich-quick scheme. “Fortune and Freedom” takes the stance that the business aspects of one’s life cannot be separated from the rest of life, so it provides essential advice for how to effectively manage one’s time to succeed across the board.
“Fortune and Freedom” will also teach readers how to prepare themselves to own and run a business, how to decide how their project should be financed, how to find the right deal, how to negotiate and much more. Hirshfield uses stories from his own career to illustrate key points in the book, such as the importance of developing leadership skills and deciding whether or not to sell.
Although he began his entrepreneurial career more than 30 years ago, Hirshfield maintains that entrepreneurs still have the same ability to succeed today. Different opportunities and tools are now available, but the keys to success remain the same. “Fortune and Freedom” is a short and easy book that readers will return to time and time again as they face new challenges. “As we progress through life, different times and places present different issues. ‘Fortune and Freedom’ offers help along the way,” Hirshfield says. “In essence, readers should come away with one or two approaches to big issues that are confounding them at their particular stage in life.”
Author Jim Hirshfield divides his time between his homes in Washington State and Hawaii. He holds an MBA from Harvard and was the founder of Summit Communications, Inc, a cable company that grew to employ 130 people. He was the CEO of the company for 26 years before selling it. He now spends his time as a writer, speaker and consultant.