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Happy New Year’s Day 2019 from Joe Connector!

2019 Goals Joe Connector

Happy New Year! I’m so stoked for 2019 -for a lot of different reasons.

I am committed to changing things up and doing things a little different this year.

For the past year, as a “Stay at Home Dad” to Ava Kalea, I have been getting up every day (only on days that end in “y”) at 3:25am so that I can get up and drive for rideshare (Uber and Lyft) so that I can make some money to buy groceries and diapers, pay bills and my child support obligations. It makes for a super long, tiring day and I’m worn out at the end – especially if Ava and I don’t get in a decent nap in the afternoon. The money isn’t great, but I have been thankful that I can make some to help contribute.

Still the same, I feel like I haven’t had the time or energy for the more important things that I want to do. I want (and need) to write every day. I have writing projects that I have been putting off until “some day” and cannot continue to put them off, as some day never comes.

I also want to be more productive in my personal fitness, as well as helping others become more physically fit. A couple of most pressing writing projects are the Joe Abs 8 Pack Program (for lack of a better or more creative name) and the Clean Eating Live-It Program. I want to write about what I have learned about fitness, nutrition and eating clean over the past 6+ years.

These programs that I am going to write will be designed to help others change their lives in a positive way, mostly revolving around learning to eat (and drink) in a healthier way. I have no doubt that they will help anyone who is committed to being healthier.

Another focus that I am planning for 2019 is becoming a stand-out Team BeachBody Coach. BeachBody has done a great job of helping thousands of people become more healthy – as well as generate substantial incomes as Independent Team BeachBody Coaches. While I believe my own fitness and nutrition programs will be effective for some, BeachBody has proven over many years that their programs can and do change people’s lives. For anyone looking to become healthier and more fit – and wanting to help others do the same, while generating part-time to full-time plus income doing so.

I have twice been a Team BeachBody Coach with almost zero success in the past – but I just was not committed enough to make it work. Both times I had basically signed up under Stacia to help support her in her fitness – and I don’t believe it really helped her in either case. Her sponsors (or upline coaches) are both very nice people, but really not very supportive or interactive. The last time I was a coach, I quit after a short time, as I felt that I was not seeing the leadership that I was seeing in other teams.

The good news is that I have been following a super successful coach who is full-time into BeachBody and that I will soon be eligible to join that team. I have committed to do so – right AFTER I hit a couple of my own fitness goals. I have a target date of February 3rd, but have my work cut out for me.

Oh, you might want to know what the personal fitness goals are that I want to hit???? 1) I want to make sure that I “just press play” for 30 straight days and 2) I want to get back to less than 10% body fat (still on the last phase of my Old Guy Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit Experiment). Pressing Play refers to doing a BeachBody exercise program each day for 30 straight days. I want to be a product of the product. Less than 10% body fat will make me feel like I am once again among the fittest people around – but my actual goal is 8% body fat. I’ve done it before and KNOW that I can do it again.

In interest of doing the “important things” and in addition to writing and doing BeachBody workouts, I am going to be spending a lot more of 2019 doing real estate activities – helping people buy and sell real estate, as well as doing some real estate investment on my own. Since Stacia is a real estate digital marketing expert, she is going to help get me some leads and I am going to convert them to super happy clients and raving fans – going above and beyond to help them reach their real estate goals. I really love so many different facets of real estate and look forward to being able to spend a lot of time working in the industry. I’ve been a real estate broker for many years, and am ready to put my experience to work again.

Stacia wants me to go back to A New Day Real Estate, I have a fondness for my old company name, AAA Properties, but I also feel like I might just use another site I own, SanDiegoRealEstate.re. For now I think we will go with San Diego Real Estate at SanDiegoRealEstate.re – what do YOU think?

So as we start off 2019 right, I will still be getting up earlier than most – but perhaps not at 3:25 am every morning … I do see myself starting off each day by writing for at least 30 minutes, but preferably a full hour (like this morning). Then I plan to transition into a BeachBody on Demand workout and do a short meditation afterward, before getting into my day with Ava Kalea as a “Work at Home Dad” and full-time plus Real Estate Broker.

My plan is to quickly transition out of driving for Uber and Lyft, but will continue to do so on some nights and weekends until I no longer need to.

2019 is going to bring some BIG and welcome changes – and I fully look forward to the challenges. Please stay tuned and watch the progress (don’t forget to subscribe). As always, you are welcome to join in!

By the way, the University of Washington Huskies are playing the Ohio State Buckeyes in the Rose Bowl in Pasadena today – #GoHuskies