• Wed. Jul 21st, 2021

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myAT&T App Gets Biometric Fingerprint Touch ID

myAT&T appmyAT&T App with Biometric Fingerprint Touch ID, Provides Extra Layer of Individualized Security and Effortless Log In

AT&T is bringing their customers a quick – and even more secure – way to sign in to myAT&T app with biometric fingerprint Touch ID, providing an extra layer of individualized security making logging in effortless.
We know that myAT&T app serves as a digital relationship with us. And we want our customers to have an efficient and effective method for managing your wireless account needs. So we’re always striving to make improvements that make the experience better for you.
According to a recent study, smartphone satisfaction is higher when devices and apps provide fingerprint scanning. Users sign in more quickly and frequently using just one hand and overall feel more secure about their mobile identity.
Plus, you can now see an instant view of your account information when you log in.
Check out the myAT&T app now.