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Local Veteran Owned Business Celebrates One Year Anniversary

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Ben Bare Window Genie FranchiseeAfter serving in the Army for 8 years, Ben Bare bought a franchise in Redmond so he could be his own boss. One year later, he reflects on his biggest accomplishments and shares his goals for year two.

Before he opened a Window Genie franchise in Redmond last spring, Ben Bare spent eight years as an Army Ranger. He earned the rank of Staff Sergeant during his service that included nine combat tours to both Iraq and Afghanistan. During his transition out of the Army, Bare and his fiancé decided that starting a business in the community they loved was the key to their happiness and success. Almost one year later, Bare shares what he’s learned and how he and his team plan to grow the home service business that serves Eastside communities of Redmond, Bellevue and Kirkland in year two.

“Starting a business isn’t easy, I knew that going in,” Bare said. “But I’ve survived the first year, and the day to day operations are becoming more manageable. I’m comfortable with how far we’ve come, and we’ve learned a lot, but we have a lot of growing to do in year two.” Bare says the key to success will be for his team to focus on earning customers, not jobs. “A job is just a transaction. Customers are the ones who propel the business forward when they refer us to friends and family. Customers keep our schedule full by having us back to their homes to perform different services year-round. In this type of business, we rely on loyalty. We want to build the brand so it’s associated with reliability, quality and professionalism. We know the demand is there, we have a service to fit every home and every budget; it’s just up to us to earn the trust of our customers and build credibility in the community.” 

Window Genie specializes in residential and light commercial window cleaning, window tinting, pressure washing, gutter cleaning and more. Bare says the most rewarding service has been window film installation. “While all of our services help to clean, protect and restore our customers’ homes, window film has been my crew’s favorite. A great example is a local dentist who had us install 3M Glare Control film on all the windows in his operating rooms to cut down on glare and heat. Film is great because you see instant results. The doctors and patients were immediately more comfortable once we were done. We take a lot of pride in knowing we’re adding real value to our clients’ lives above and beyond just improving the aesthetics of their properties.”

Bare and his team are gearing up for a busy spring cleaning 2016 season to kick off year two. “I’m grateful to have a team of technicians who’ve been with me since I opened, and we’re finally in a position to really grow the business.” This year Window Genie of Redmond plans to hire another field technical and will purchase an additional service vehicle to accommodate demand and fulfill a busy customer schedule this spring cleaning season and beyond. Additional plans for 2016 include adding another service: holiday light design, installation, maintenance, take-down and storage. 

At Window Genie, all field technicians are fully trained, insured, bonded and have passed a background check. For more information or for a free estimate, contact owner Ben Bare at bbare@windowgenie.com or by calling 425-652-3518. You may also read more at http://redmond.windowgenie.com/

About Window Genie: Window Genie started in 1994 as a small local window cleaning business in Cincinnati, OH. Since franchise operations began in 1998, Window Genie has grown to a system of almost 100 franchise partners operating in 27 states. Window Genie specializes in residential and light commercial window cleaning, window tinting, pressure washing, gutter cleaning and more. Franchise opportunities are available nationwide.

About Ben Bare, owner of Window Genie of Redmond: At 30 years old, Ben Bare is Window Genie’s youngest franchisee. He served in the Army for 8 years before retiring and pursuing business ownership. Originally from Wisconsin, Bare and his fiancé decided to settle in the Seattle area after he was stationed there during his service. Bare is involved locally with Kiwanis, frequently participating in local outreach including this past weekend’s Beat the Bunny 5K.