• Fri. Nov 26th, 2021

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The Biggest Online Marketing Mistake

Ok, What’s one thing that people regret when starting their online business.  Do you know what it is?   It’s building an email list.   Yup, I don’t want to write to you…

Self Quarantine Is My Usual Routine

Self Quarantine has actually been my life on the regular.   Is it too soon to joke about that? Though on camera I look like a fool and super outgoing. In…

Aloha Friday: Be The Solution

Aloha Friday!   My inspiration for you this morning is to “BE the solution”  Maybe I am just super optimistic.   Life happens, events happens, shit happens.    good or bad  but, it…

Be Obsessed About Your Business Like Madam CJ Walker

Hey there,  Are you enjoying a lot of your Netflix time lately?  I don’t usually watch a lot of movies but I was very interested when I came across the Netflix series called “Self…