• Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

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San Diego Rideshare Service Offers Car Advertising For Maximum Exposure

Ben and Jerrys Tesla Model SRideshare Right Now is now offering advertisers the ultimate exposure for their business – a car wrapped in their advertising traveling all over San Diego County daily.

Advertisers looking to build their brands can now affordably have a ride share vehicle (currently either a Toyota Prius C or a Tesla Model S) wrapped in their advertising and driving all around San Diego 6-7 days a week.  These cars are averaging over 200 miles a day driving all over the county, picking up and delivering happy customers of Lyft and Uber.

For extra fees, these cars can target certain areas of the county during specified days and times.

Prius Wrapped in AdvertisingThis super flexible service helps San Diego businesses build their brands and would be perfect for beverage companies, auto groups, restaurants, insurance companies and virtually any industry.

If you are interested in having your message and brand driven all over San Diego on a daily basis, contact Virtually Famous Marketing.