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Happy Healthy Friday! What Are You Doing Today to Feel Good?

Ever since I purchased my personal health appliance (my Vitamix of course) back in May, I have been using it at least three times a day.  When I first got it, I was making a blended green / veggie drink in the morning and a couple of frozen fruit protein smoothies during the day – well actually pitchers of them …

A couple of weeks ago I was convinced to try removing all the fruits (except for tomato and avocado) from my nutritional intake because of the fact that most of the fruits we get today are genetically modified with higher levels of fructose (sugar) than I want to put in my body.  I am still using the Vitamix 2-3 times a day, but exclusively for my blended green protein drinks.  They are oh so tasty – and help me feel GREAT!
If you are ready to buy a Vitamix, you can use this link to get FREE shipping!  I purchased a reconditioned model that saved me over $100 – and it still has a 5 year warranty!
You might have also noticed that I’ve been adding Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein and chia seeds from Chosen Foods to all of my blended green protein drinks.  I am really hoping that both of those companies will want to become sponsors of the Juicing in 48 States Tour that I’m almost ready to announce …

Everyone Gets a Choice – What Kind of Choices Are YOU Making?

One of the coolest things about this life is that we all get to make choices.  You and you alone decide what goes into your body.  You can abuse your body and mind by drinking all kinds of sugar drinks and/or alcohol – or you can choose to drink lots and lots of water, and… Continue Reading

Green Drink of the Day from Joe Abs and His Vitamix

Here’s a photo of my green drink of the day – pre-blending in the Vitamix – and pre-consuming in my belly … I usually add Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein as well as chia seeds from Chosen Foods to all my green smoothies …  you might want to as well. I’m hoping that all of these companies will want to… Continue Reading

Shout Out to BeachBody Inc – the Producers of P90X and Insanity

Very cool news today – I was contacted by Cara from Beachbody Inc about this blog.  I feel a little bad that I haven’t been as active here as I would like, but it is cool to find out that people are finding it anyway … BeachBody Inc. is probably the leader in marketing (at least… Continue Reading