Joe “The Connector” Kennedy’s Social Media Profiles

This is a list of Joe “The Connector” Kennedy’s (my) social media profiles (yes I do my own writing).  It is incomplete and a work in process.

I am compiling this list as a resource for myself to keep up with the growing number of social networks that I am or have been involved in, but I am what they call an “Open Networker” and love to connect with people from diverse backgrounds all over the globe – so “Friend Me Up”!

(Not sure if I should compile these in alphabetical order or by use/importance or even by business or personal, but in my life, business is personal and personal is business.)  Okay alphabetical order of my social networks (easier to add to):

Eastside Entrepreneurs - - I am the Founder of the Eastside Entrepreneurs Social Network.

Facebook – - I’m known on Facebook as Joe Connector Kennedy

Friendsheet -

Foodspotting (I don’t use this very often any more, because eating clean does not work at many restaurants. It also frustrates me, because it won’t let me update my profile pic (is that sick or vain?).

Google+ - Even though Google+ kind of got a rough launch and has started rather slow, I think it is going to be the single most important social network to any person, business or organization that is looking to drive traffic anywhere outside of Facebook.

Klout -  I don’t give a huge bit of credibility to this, but I am especially proud of my Klout on the subject of lobster and horrified that Klout thinks I am influential about the subject of theft.

LinkedIn - At least a little bummed that I have to have the number 1 after my name on this profile, but at least it is not 113.

MySpace - - I quit this long ago, but since it was sold by News Corp to Specific Media, it seems to be turning around, working with some of the other social media platforms and regaining some legit support around the world – specifically from the music community. (It’s always been a great place for bands and musicians to share their music).

Pinterest - A lot of people are just getting into it and many don’t realize what a great online marketing tool it can be.

Plancast - This is a great site to use to promote events and find out about events, but it is inexplicably ignored by many.

spreecastlogo icon Spreecast -  I just joined on March 9, 2012 and I’m really looking forward to spending some time with it.  I really want to work for this company and @RHonius #HelpRon #HelpNatalie #HelpKeith #HelpJoeConnect

Tumblr I think I just joined this in February 2012 and have not had time to use a lot.

Twitter – @JoeConnector

 YouTube - I have a few other YouTube accounts that I have used over the years for my newspapers and videos for my daughter, but this is the main one I plan on using moving forward.  Come to think about it, I do have a couple accounts for other (currently super secret) projects and they will be revealed when the time is right – or not.


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