3 Easy Items That Help a Landlord Achieve Maximum Rents

Real Estate Home Maintenance at JoeKennedy.bizThere are many different schools of thought on the deferred maintenance on apartments and rental houses.  These are a very few landlords who always want the best of everything and will work to give their tenants everything they could want or maybe even dream of.  There are unfortunately way too many who will do the exact minimum required by law (and sometimes less if their tenants let them get away with it.  In my mind, the smartest landlords do definitely keep on top of deferred maintenance and sincerely want their tenants to be happy, satisfied and long-term.  Here are three things that landlords can do to help insure their tenants (and prospective tenants) are happy:Continue Reading

Client Looking to Lease Equestrian Property in Woodinville

I received a call this afternoon from a client who is looking for an equestrian friendly property on or close to the Tolt River in Woodinville.  It would need a house of at least 3 bedrooms and enough room and facilities for two ponies.  Budget is under $3000.

I’m also looking to lease or negotiate a lease purchase option on a horse friendly property in either Diamond S Ranch in Bellevue or Bridle Trails (which is located in both Bellevue and Kirkland).  Size/condition of house not important – I’m good at fixers – I just need a good space to keep some horses (and maybe a few other animals ;-).

If you can help with either of these needs for Eastside equestrian property, please give me a call at 425-213-4176 or send email to Joe(at)AAAProperties.net

Advertising at IamEastside.com Works for Me!

As I’m holding an open house and unfortunately not having any traffic on this beautiful summer day, I just got a call from someone who is moving his family to Bellevue from the Chicago area to go to work for Microsoft.  He’s not quite ready to purchase a home here, but did ask for my help to find him a rental in the Bellevue area.  I’m more than happy to help.Continue Reading

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