Great News from the SEC for Start-Ups and Accredited Investors

Yesterday I posted over at about some rule changes that the SEC has recently made – and what they could mean for accredited investors and the start-ups they are fond of investing in.

It’s really good news for a friend of mine who has a start-up looking for some cash to launch.  This is a technology / entertainment play that is nearly certain to be purchased by a large Seattle area corporation, which owns similar, but different content.  It’s really a no-brainer, but since you are smart, you will want to ask me about it …

Ask away …

I finally did it! I’m Listed on eBay

Despite being on the verge of a major break through in my quest of a well designed life, I have decided to go ahead with an earlier idea and list myself on eBay.  The auction is to ‘own’ me for the month of August 2012.  My daughter is out of the country and I am free to travel and hope I get to go to someplace with a beach and on the ocean.  That said, I could be totally used as a slave, laborer, dishwasher or whatever.  As stated in the auction, I will do anything legal (although nothing that will cause injury to myself or others).

By the way the starting bid is $2000 and the Buy It Now Option is at $50,000, with the buyer paying all travel and living expenses during the month.  I’m easily worth every penny.  Watch the auction and see what happens …

Perhaps there is something you would like me to create some noise around for you?  I’m available …

Self Storage Businesses Can Be Very Profitable Real Estate Investment

I’ve met a couple people throughout the years that were BIG proponents of self storage businesses.  One of these guys liked to build a new self storage site into every mixed use development he built – he just knew that any self store business that is located close to people will eventually fill up and become a gold mine.

The other self storage advocate I knew was always on the look out for another storage business for sale.  (I am too – so if you know of any self storage businesses for sale on the West Coast call me!)  He had the experience of purchasing them new – directly after construction and of buying older properties that were performing poorly.  He knew some great tricks to turn these properties around – and I was fortunate enough to have learned some of these from him

Perhaps the single largest key to having a successful self store business is having an accessible location close to as many people as possible.  Tied for 2nd and 3rd most important to a successful self storage location is exposure to the public (marketing, advertising and social media) and a good, reliable and trustworthy manager to run the business.  Very simply put, you cannot rent storage spaces to people if they do not know you exist AND it doesn’t matter how many people know about your business if you cannot trust your manager to properly manage the property.

In conclusion, self storage businesses can be very solid real estate investments, so please consider adding these to your property portfolio – but only after you send all the best deals MY way!  ;-)


Investor Alert: 10 Issaquah Units 6.9% Cap Rate with Rental Upside

If you are a multifamily / apartment investor/owner (or would like to be), this looks to be like it could be a very good investment.

10 units – all two bedroom, 1 bath with laundry.  Rental income currently $9425 a month, but can be improved – 8 units currently rented below market.

If you are interested, please give me a call and we can discuss.  425-213-4176

VIDEO: Looking for Seattle or Renton Fixer and a Lease Purchase in Bellevue or on the Eastside

This is a short video I recorded yesterday about a couple of different property types I am currently looking for.

I’m currently looking for a fixer property in Seattle or Renton for my friend Stacia Loo and Thach Real Estate Group.    Here is the type of property that she is looking for:

Type of property:
Single family Fixers
Single family homes with an extra lot
Properties not on the market (Preferable)
Sellers that need quick closing as is, cash offers,
Estate sales

Preferred Areas:

we would like to be in where the finish product is selling for less than 350K

we are open to other areas if the cash on cash return is at or above  40%

Personally I am staying closer to home here in Bellevue and looking for a house to buy in Bellevue or anywhere on the Eastside of Lake Washington.  Fixers are fine, but I am specifically looking for a property where the owner is offering some kind of financing or is willing to work out a mutually beneficial lease with an option to purchase.  At the top of my personal list of goals is to buy a horse property in Diamond S Ranch or Bridle Trails, but at this point I will consider all properties and opportunities.

Thanks for taking your valuable time to read / watch.  Please do let me know if you happen across any properties that fit what we are looking for.  Thank you!



Looking for Investment Property in Ballard or Shoreline

I have a new client from out of state who would like to purchase an investment property in either Ballard or Shoreline.  This client is looking for a house of at least 3 bedrooms and 1.5 baths, prefers a large yard and would love to be on a cul de sac or other private location.  This client’s price range is $275-350k.

If you know of a suitable property or if you have a listing in either of those areas you would like us to consider, please send a link to Joe(at) – thank you!

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