There are a lot of great apartment buildings in Bellevue and AAA Properties has relationships with many of them so that we can get our clients the best possible deal on a lease.  Check out some of these apartment projects, then give us a call if you would like us to help you negotiate a lease.   Because of a large number of apartments and condos that have come online in Bellevue (especially downtown Bellevue) during the last 2-3 years, many apartment management companies may be more negotiable when working with a potential tenant.  Make sure that you have all the advantages possible – including multiple options and the professional representation from AAA Properties – and at no cost to you!

Why do we want to help you find the perfect apartment in Bellevue?  The answer is really simple:  we want to help you find the most perfect home for this stage of your life and then down the road, we want to help you find the perfect home for a new stage of your life.  We want you and your family as lifetime clients!

Ashton Bellevue

Belcarra Apartments

SOMA Apartments 

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