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3 Tips To Massively Increase Credibility And Generate Leads With Your Own Website

If you are a entrepreneur who wants to massively increase credibility and generate leads with your own website, here are 3 quick tips you need to know.

Tip #1: I’m A Business Owner Not A Website Designer

Creating A Website It's Kind Of A Big Deal
Use this simple tip to jump way ahead of all those your competition: you don’t need to know how to code to design your own lead generating website.
The most important thing to understand with this tip is if you don’t know how to code or design a website you will probably have to pay someone to do it for you. This can cost you thousands of dollars or you will have to take your valuable time to learn how to do it yourself. Most entrepreneurs don’t have the time and your time is probably more valuable doing what you do best, servicing your clients. .
You can’t neglect this because if you don’t have a website you are losing money by not leveraging the internet to get in front of your ready and willing buyers. Your competition has already paid someone or has found the solution I am about to share with you, to create their website presence and generate more leads online. .
My suggestion to you now is to grab ClickFunnels, it is the easiest software I have ever used to create websites, landing pages, sales pages, membership sites, and even a shopping cart that people can hit to pay for your product or service. It’s as easy as a few making a few clicks to design your own website. .

Tip #2: Online Trust And Credibility

Here’s the crucial thing you need to understand with this tip: you want to build trust, credibility and show your prospective clients that you are a real legitimate business. .
So, here’s what this means to you. Without a website people can’t find you and this makes it very difficult for people to buy from you. You want to make the buying process the easiest “Yes” decision they will ever make. .
This is very important for everyone because people buy on impulse and emotion… and high levels of pain and inconvenience get people worked up emotionally, which leads to knee-jerk / impulse buying (which is what we want).
So the next step for you here is to make sure you have a ton of testimonials and stories on your new website. I always say “Facts Tell, but Stories Sell”. Start thinking about stories about other clients that you have helped, so that when someone finds your website they will be able to see people just like themselves, achieve a the solution you have to offer. .

Tip #3: The Difference Between A Website And A Sales Funnel

Hear me clearly on this tip: if you really want to make an impact on both your credibility and your bottom line, you need to have a website that functions as a sales funnel. .
As a entrepreneur, here’s what this means: if you just have website, that’s fine for credibility. But if you want to generate leads and make money with your website, you ultimately need to have a sales funnel to filter out the dead leads and find those HOT buyers. Getting them to open their wallets and hit that buy button. .
This is key for everyone because studies have shown you have to show up several times before someone buys. Just having a website where someone might visit once for 30 seconds is not enough. You will want to entice them enough to sign up for a FREE gift. Or some type of bait to get them hooked into giving you another type of payment, their email address. .
Next you need to create a simple offer that will help your prospects solve a simple problem that they have. This could be…3 steps to achieving (blank), 3 items I use to solve (blank), grab my free report, ebook, something that you can offer that will entice someone to sign up for your secret solution.
It is as simple as creating a google doc and making it a pdf. This is what you could use as your giveaway. Now, you can use ClickFunnels to give this offer away, generate more leads and make more money with a website that builds trust and credibility for your clients. .
This article only touches the surface of all the things a entrepreneur will need and decisions made to become successful with creating a website. If you choose to ignore the advice just given, then you’re fully guaranteed to face a time wasting experience, along with lots of money going down the drain and not coming back.
A little time spent on learning the right methods to massively increase credibility and generate leads with your own website and achieving the title of successful “entrepreneur”, make the effort with creating a website well worth it.
Thought this was cool? Well, if you’re a entrepreneur who wants to massively increase credibility and generate leads with your own website, check out this free webinar here – You’ll love it!

THE Best Holiday Ever: Steak and Blowjob Day!

Steak and Blowjob Day is Men’s Answer to Valentines Day

Steak and Blowjob Day 2018Steak and Blowjob Day is March 14th of every year.  As it becomes more known, more popular and practiced around the world, there will be A LOT more happy people.  I know I personally look forward to it every year – and my wife seems to like it just as much as I.

March 14th is one month after Valentines Day, which is a day traditionally for lovers, romance – really all about candy, flowers, dinners and gifts for women.  Many people observe Pi Day on March 14th, often by eating pie.  Pi Day is a celebration of mathematics, you do know that Pi=3.14159~.  Math comes easy for me, but I really don’t like it, see no need to celebrate it – and don’t eat pie … (except for hair pie 😉

Steak and Blowjob Day is a holiday that I get into.  I make sure that my wife knows that it’s coming up so that she knows to prepare.  Today started off GREAT now we just have to hit up the grocery store and fire up the grill. I’m thinking about some Cardiff Crack

At any rate, I hope that you and yours have a truly awesome Steak and Blowjob Day.  Not sure how you like it, but I like my steak medium rare, blowjobs well done ….  🙂

How is your Steak and Blowjob Day working out?  Let us hear about how you celebrate it …

PS – eating a lot of red meat probably isn’t too healthy, so watch your steak consumption – but BJs usually make both parties involved smile and feel good, so be sure to get a BJ whenever your woman is willing!  (don’t forget to make sure she gets her pleasure too!)

BTW – how did you first hear about the greatest of holidays?  How many years have you been celebrating?  Any other non-mainstream holidays that you like to celebrate?

World Ski and Snowboard Festival Announces 2018 Music Lineup

World Ski and Snowboard Festival Announces another Great Music Lineup for 2018

World Ski and Snowboard Festival 2018Whistler BC’s World Ski and Snowboard Festival is dropping the beats this spring with the WSSF Music Series including A Tribe Called Red and Jazzy Jeff pumping up the athletes during the Big Air comps, and Mountain Magic bringing a host of international DJ’s for the finale party of the winter season – The END. Alongside the music talent, WSSF is announcing this year’s lineup of photographers, filmmakers, speakers, and artists—rolling the arts into this one-of-a-kind festival that celebrates all things mountain culture.
Mountain Magic Tour presents The END, Sat April 14 Continue reading “World Ski and Snowboard Festival Announces 2018 Music Lineup”

Believe In and Trust Yourself

Believe in and Trust YourselfThis quote is based on what I’ve been hearing a lot while listening to motivational audio and watching inspirational videos on YouTube.

It’s super important to believe in yourself – because if you don’t, why would anyone else?

If you cannot trust yourself, who can you trust?

Believe in and trust yourself.  I believe in and trust myself and hope you will too.

Agent Hollywood Entertainment Picks SiteGround as Best Web Host

SiteGround Web HostingAgentHollywoodEntertainment.com and Agent Hollywood Entertainment present SiteGround web hosting as the best possible web host for their purposes.  SiteGround web hosting is affordable and has great customer service and nearly 100% uptime.

Using SiteGround as our webhost, will allow Agent Hollywood Entertainment to better represent our clients – including Ava Kalea KennedyJoe Abs, Joe Connector and Stacia Kennedy.

A New Day Real Estate Now Hosted by SiteGround

SiteGround Web HostingIt is with special pleasure that I get to announce that SiteGround is now the web host for A New Day Real Estate and ANewDayRealEstate.com.

With SiteGround, A New Day Real Estate has a fully reliable web hosting service, with great customer service and really fair pricing.

A New Day Real Estate can now have a more reliable website for our clients, agents and brokers – and be a better real estate partner to our real estate websites including AAA Properties, Coastal Orange County LivingDel Mar VillasOne Paseo Real Estate, San Diego Real Estate and We Buy Fugly Houses.

SiteGround is the Web Host of Choice for AAA Properties of San Diego

SiteGround Web HostingAAA Properties San Diego and AAAProperties.net is now being hosted by SiteGround web hosting.

We were with Hostgator for many years, but they really let us down. Really let us – and our clients, down – as in our site was constantly down.  But not with SiteGround web hosting.

With SiteGround we can better serve all the clients of We Buy Fugly Houses, A New Day Real Estate, Del Mar Villas, One Paseo Real EstateSan Diego Real Estate and our other real estate businesses.

Thank you very much for visiting AAA Properties.

Eastside Business is Now on SiteGround Webhosting

Eastside Business and EastsideBusiness.com is now being hosted by SiteGround web hosting.

We were with Hostgator for many years, but they really let us down.

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