Baby Watch is On: Ava Kalea Due to Arrive in 17 Days!

Monkey Baby’s Momma and I are super excited for the arrival of our new bundle of joy, Ava Kalea.  She’s due to arrive in just 17 short days – and we are stoked!

Patience is not one of my strong suits and the other day, I just had to buy a couple of domains for her. will forward to where I will post all of her photos, milestones and stories.  Check back soon for a way to subscribe there so you can keep up with our littlest princess.

BTW – I also re-purchased Jacqueline’s old website domain, and a domain for Makaya as well, at  I have not set those up (yet), but may be doing it soon – with or without their permissions.  😉


Carlsbad’s MaxAudience Named to List of Top Social Media Marketing Companies

MaxAudience CarlsbadDigital marketing firm MaxAudience attains top billing on listing

The single best source for social media marketing today? MaxAudience, and the proof is in the proverbial pudding. Recently, listed their list of top social media marketing companies for 2016, and MaxAudience was at the top of the list. Continue reading “Carlsbad’s MaxAudience Named to List of Top Social Media Marketing Companies”

Google makes changes to Android OS for Tidyware Bellevue-based app developer

Tidyware LLC BellevueFallSafety Pro by Tidyware – Automatic Fall Detection and Alerts App for Android released by Tidyware, LLC

Designed with the direct assistance of Google, this jobsite safety app features intelligent fall detection and automatic alerts via email, phone and text to emergency contacts.

Bellevue-based FallSafety Pro for Android addresses the number one cause of death in construction accidents by providing intelligent fall detection and automatic alerts via email, phone, and texts to work teams, safety managers, and loved ones. Continue reading “Google makes changes to Android OS for Tidyware Bellevue-based app developer”

Largest Cat Show on West Coast Celebrates the Top Cats Internationally in San Diego Sept. 3 & 4

Largest Cat Show San DiegoSan Diego to Host Largest Cat Show in the Universe!

Cat Show to be held in San Diego.  Mischief Managed of Blueyonder sat in a shelter in Parkville, MD with a very uncertain future ahead of the little kitten.  It was a lucky day when her luminous amber eyes caught the attention of veteran cat enthusiast Vanadis Crawford who recognized the makings of a feline star.  Mischief Managed, Missy around the house, will be just one of the many cats celebrated in the huge TICA, The International Cat Association, show in San Diego Sept. 3 – 4, 2016 at the Town & Country Resort from 10 AM to 5 PM each day. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend.

“TICA has members in over one hundred countries around the world representing people who love every aspect of the cat,” noted TICA President Fate Mays. TICA is the world’s largest genetic feline registry of pedigreed cats like Siamese, Maine Coon and Persian, and TICA is the largest registry of household pet cats, cats with no pedigree from shelters, rescues and barns.  Both groups compete for points, titles and honors, but each cat is appreciated as purrfect no matter the category. In excess of three hundred cats are registered to compete in Cat Show San Diego.  The event will also feature an awards banquet to recognize the very top of the feline world including Mischief Managed of Blueyonder. Mr. Mays explained, “This year in excess of seven thousand cats and kittens competed in TICA shows in Asia, Europe, North America, South America and the Middle East.” Continue reading “Largest Cat Show on West Coast Celebrates the Top Cats Internationally in San Diego Sept. 3 & 4”

Opportunity and outcomes put University of Washington Bothell in Top 25 of Washington Monthly Best Bang for the Buck ranking

UW Bothell logoWashington Monthly ranks the University of Washington Bothell No. 22 on its 2016 Best Bang for the Buck list of top 100 western region colleges. The list rates colleges based on their value-added or colleges that “help non-wealthy students attain marketable degrees at affordable prices.”

This year’s list is partially based on newly released data from the Obama administration’s “College Scorecard.” The data set focuses on student outcomes and includes graduation rates, the percentage of first-generation students enrolled, earnings 10 years after enrolling at a given college and whether students are paying down at least some of their loan principal. Washington Monthly also incorporated the percentage of enrolled Pell-eligible students into their methodology. Continue reading “Opportunity and outcomes put University of Washington Bothell in Top 25 of Washington Monthly Best Bang for the Buck ranking”

San Diego First To Launch Starbucks Foodshare Program

Starbucks FoodshareStarbucks Foodshare Donates Food From 190 Stores to Feeding America San Diego

Starbucks, Feeding America and Feeding America San Diego have announced the launch of the first Starbucks FoodShare program operations in the nation. Through a strategic partnership announced earlier this year, the Starbucks FoodShare program will donate nourishing, ready-to-eat meals to Feeding America member food banks from its company-operated stores in the U.S. Building on a successful pilot program launched in San Diego earlier this year, donations from 190 local Starbucks locations are estimated to provide 750,000 pounds of food, or the equivalent of 625,000 meals, in the San Diego area annually.

“Starbucks has truly shown their commitment to hunger-relief,” said Al Brislain, CEO of Feeding America San Diego. “With 1 in 8 San Diegans facing hunger, Starbucks FoodShare will make a huge difference for those we serve and exemplify what we can accomplish when we work together.” Continue reading “San Diego First To Launch Starbucks Foodshare Program”

Carmine's New Restaurant to Open in Bellevue September 12th

Carmine's Bellevue logoCarmine’s is Coming to Bellevue

Carmine’s Bellevue restaurant opening to the public on September 12th at 88 102nd Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004.
Carmine’s will be the newest addition to Bellevue’s fine dining landscape situated against the south side of Downtown Park, just off Old Main. Carmine’s will be run by Carmine Jr. and Philip Smeraldo, who will carry on the legacy of quality and service their late father, Carmine Sr., build Il Terrazzo Carmine on over 30 years ago.
Carmine’s aims to provide an upscale, white tablecloth experience well-suited for celebration, business, or the making of special occasions with loved ones. You can find Carmines on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @CarminesBellevue or online at

Pregnancy Countdown: 19 Days Until the Arrival of Ava Kalea


Super cool fruit babies that Stacia's friends made for her baby shower.
Super cool fruit babies that Stacia’s friends made for her baby shower.

Baby Shower Today for Stacia Kennedy

The day before yesterday marked just three weeks until the much anticipated arrival of Ava Kalea.  Today is just 19 days and tomorrow 18 …  You get the idea.  We are anxious and very excited.

It seems not so very long ago, when we started trying to increase the size of our family.  At that point, sex became more than Continue reading “Pregnancy Countdown: 19 Days Until the Arrival of Ava Kalea”

Kirkland's Fortun Foods Wins 2016 Progressive Grocers Award

Fortun Foods

Fortun Foods Wins Again

Kirkland-based Fortun Foods Finishing Touch Soups took home the 2016 Progressive Grocer (PG) Editors’ Pick Award. The PG Editors’ Pick is the industry’s most esteemed new product recognition program. More than 800 products were entered, and Fortun’s soups won points for taste, innovation, value and other qualities that will give it staying power on store shelves. Fortun Foods is not new to the PG Editors’ Pick Awards, as the company received recognition for their Finishing Sauces in both 2010 and 2011. Continue reading “Kirkland's Fortun Foods Wins 2016 Progressive Grocers Award”