How to Setup a Business Page on Facebook Without a Personal Facebook Account

While things are constantly changing on Facebook and aren’t always explained very clearly.  Sometimes you can learn things the hard way.  According to all the “social media experts” there isn’t a way to create a business page on Facebook  without having it linked to a personal Facebook account.  Today (after much confusion, some research and asking a lot of questions), I learned that is no longer true.  What is even better, is that I learned it from the experience of someone without much Facebook experience – who has actually asked me to help her with her social media marketing.

The process is actually VERY simple:

1.  Sign out of Facebook.

2. At you will see the “Sign Up” page.  Scroll down to just under the the big green “Sign Up” button.

FB create a page button

3. Click the link that says “Create a Page for a celebrity, band or business”.

4. Choose what kind of page you want to create.

5. It will ask you to choose a category and ask some other info depending on type of page and you will have to agree to terms of service.

6.  You will then be taken to a page called “Create a Facebook Account”.  You will need to fill in your email address, password, DOB, a security check and agree to Facebook’s terms of service and privacy policy.

7. Check your email and confirm your new account.  You can now login with your new account and finish setting up your business page.

One word of warning:  I have not been able to setup multiple admins for a page set up this way, so if you need to have multiple admins working on this page, they will all need to use the same login info – or you might want to consider creating a Facebook business page “the old fashioned” way – connected to a personal Facebook account.

Joe “The Connector Kennedy has never claimed to be a social media expert, although he is a social media enthusiast and started organizing social media conferences before the term social media was widely used.  He can be contacted at JoeConnector(at), via Twitter @JoeConnector or on Facebook at


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