Yelp and It’s Extortionary Business Practices Must Be Stopped: I am Yelling Boycott Yelp!

I have heard from way too many business owners who have been extorted by Yelp and their ‘review’ system.  If they don’t pay Yelps advertising rates, all of their good reviews ‘mysteriously’ disappear and if there are any negative reviews, they seem to be featured.  This is a really crappy way to do business – I don’t know how the people who work there can sleep at night …

It’s far past time that something is done about this once and for all.  I do know they were/are in legal trouble for these business practices, but somehow they are allowed to stay in business.  We need to get out the word about them to all the people who have spent their valuable time writing reviews on businesses – I am quite sure they will want nothing to do with Yelp once they find out that Yelp is extorting their local businesses.

As far as the businesses who are reviewed on Yelp – I ask you to boycott Yelp too – good reviews or bad.  Despite any temptation you might have, do not put their stickers in your store fronts or ask anyone to review you there.  Don’t link to their site at any cost.    You might set up a review system on your own website or even have people use Google Places.

It’s time that we, the people, take the reigns and put Yelp and their predatory business practices out of business.

PS – btw I do not have any business that I care about being reviewed on Yelp, but realize I cannot make that decision for anyone else so I did not name any businesses I know have been negatively affected.  If your business has been screwed by Yelp or you are joining in the Boycott of Yelp – please let me hear from you.  Comments here are appreciated.

BTW – if you don’t believe that Yelp is so untrustworthy, all you need to do is google “Yelp Sucks” and you’ll have enough reading material for the rest of the year.

I forgot to include the Facebook thread and link that got me to finally write this post.  We should all write and share every time we hear about Yelp screwing our neighborhood businesses!

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