Bad News for Bellevue, The Eastside & All Cellular Customers

I cannot believe it – I just ditched AT&T after 28 months of their crappy cell phone service for the local T-Mobile. I’ve been much happier with the service and now I come to hear (read actually) on Brier Dudley’s blog at that AT&T has purchased Bellevue-based T-Mobile USA in a deal valued at $39 Billion.

This is not good news for Bellevue or those of us on the Eastside of Lake Washington, as it will undoubtedly lead to some corporate consolidation, including jobs and facilities.  We need more jobs and tenants now – not fewer!

This deal is not good for any cell phone user either, as it cuts down on competition – which will undoubtedly affect future price and service.

What do YOU think about AT&T buying T-Mobile USA?  Do you think it will affect your life?

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